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Another dream I had, it is funnier, much less fucked up than the last one, I promise. Unfortunately, I didn’t write it down so here I go trying to remember as much of it as I can.

From what I remember I was hanging out with my co-workers Kai and Amanda. We were down at what looked similar to like Venice Beach, but it was a lot like the Ventura Coast. Anyway, we went to some restaurant, and I wasn’t wearing a shirt for who knows why, but I was wearing Pants. That’s the weirder part since I normally only wear shorts, although maybe in the dream they were shorts, I dunno. Anyway, so we were at some little restaurant that looked exactly like the one from the last dream, except you entered from the other end…and it was sunnier inside of it.

So we’re just eating and stuff, and somehow a Baseball bat came into play. I don’t remember why, but Kai and Amanda got up to do something and so I hid the bat underneath my right side. They came back asking for the bat, but couldn’t find it. Eventually we left.

So we’re walking along the beach and I remember “Oh shit I forgot the Bat!”(I think I went back for the bat. I know I went back for something) So I go running like that bat was illegal or something. I get back to the diner just as this female cop on a segway scooter pulls in. I’m like shit.  I manage to sneak in and out with the bat with no problems whatsoever and head back down the path where Kai and Amanda were.

Now, something happened, where I found myself in this dark maze type thing. I fell into a big pool, like an underwater lair…but it was filled with water. So I’m swimming through this thing, and there are these underwater gun turrets that are shooting at me. I manage to swim past all 12 or so of them on a single breath of water. Actually, I remember trying to go to this spot where I THOUGHT there’d be air, but their wasn’t and suddenly it didn’t bother me so I was fine.

So I get out of the water, and I’m in a dark maze. and I find my way around where I have to climb the walls all ninja warrior style(the 2nd or 4th level where you gott have your hands and feet on both sides of the wall and climbing up and over. Eventually I get to the end, I see some light, and I flip on the lightswitch before needing to leap over like some crocodiles or something. I find this line of kids cheering and running through the once dark and dangerous maze. One kid thanked me. Turns out, it was a bathroom. It was an epic maze through the bathroom, and none of the kids could manage to make it through there alive and turn on the switch. So I was like a hero to them. Now it’s weird because Kai and Amanda were at this exit and were like “That was cool”. And I remember thinking “Aw, it’s nothing, I’ve done something like that back home.” And I remember trying to think of a place where I did that. Like it seemed like I was no longer dreaming, but now, thinking hard trying to remember where I had done something like that before(still don’t know).

Anyway I came out and Kai and Amanda were like, guess who we met, and it was Reese Witherspoon. I assume this is because I saw Walk the Line last weekend, which I fell in love with her in. I wanted to marry her after that movie lol. That’s only happened one other time in a Movie, Zooey Deschanel in Yes Man. Anywho, She thought it was cool helping out those kids, and again  Iwas like Oh’ I’ve don’e something like that before. Now, I remember being wet still, shirtless and in dark pants. But I remember thinking, Damn I look good. It has hit me who’s body I kind of resembled. Something like this. So, I mean, come on I looked good right? I remember suddenly feeling very tall. And I took the picture, and chit chatted, and then BAM! My alarm woke me up.

So weird lol. More AM stuff probably to come tomorrow or Saturday.

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So, I had a very weird dream 2 nights ago. When I woke up from it, I wrote it down to help remember it, and man I gotta tell you that helps out a lot. I remember bits of it particularly. In fact, one scene from it I am beginning to think about perhaps turning into a new painting.

My friend thinks these dreams(mainly that they can be pretty messed up) are due to my drinking of soda and it’s caffiene. I don’t know, but I have been having a diet coke or cherry coke zero somewhere between like 6 and 8 PM. It is also the reason why I have been staying up so late and not sleeping well. Anyway, here is the dream, and my take on how those things got in there. Bold is the dream and the regular text is explanations and thoughts on why these were in my dream.

The dream first started off with me driving like a maniac because I was either drunk or tired and taking my friend Elliot home. I think I was just tired, but I have seen a video where they showed that driving tired is about as risky as driving drunk. I also watched Metalocalypse where they got drunk and then Nathan Explosion drove home and hurt Murderface(I’m not making these names up lol). So anyway, I was driving, and i specifically remember being on Telephone Road in Ventura and making a left onto Gardener Street and nearly getting hit. I don’t know why Elliot lived there, but I had a lot of friends on that road when I lived down that way.

So I dropped him off and proceeded up the street towards Darling Road. I saw Erik Kerr living I think 2 or 3 houses from the corner on the right side of the street. I ran into Erik and his roommates On Saturday Night at Howl at the moon, but he lives in Thousand Oaks, not Ventura. So I drove home, and the home I drove to was my old house on Darling Road(literally around the corner from Gardener), but the time it took me to get there was as if I had driven to where my house is now. Anway, I was hanging out with Justin, and this other guy Tim. I met Tim at CLU and he was on our Intramural Basketball team. He is a big, tall guy. Pretty quiet. He was n this dream because I saw him at the Rugby Game I would imagine. Anyway we wee hanging, and Tim did something that I didn’t like, but I don’t remember what it was. Anyway he left. So Justin and I were hanging out, and we went downtown which resembled a bit of the outskirts of San Francisco where my Friend Michelle lives. We were walking and I saw Tim in the window of this little diner. It was lke a diner made from a train car. I think it was heavily influenced from the similar little diner in Grand Theft Auto IV which I had just started playing again. This is the spot I want to use for a painting. In the diner, at a table next to a window with a guy standing with a cold bland look and about to shoot someone.

I walked in, and with a very emotionless face, went to his table pulled out a pistol and blasted him right then and there, and just walked out and Justin was like what was that for, but we just kept walkng around as if nothing had happened. I think this happened to Tim because I had seen him in the Rugby Game the day before, and he scored his first try which means he had to “Shoot the Boot”. This lead to a chant of “Shoot Shoot, Shoot the Boot”. I think that is why Tim was in this and why he got shot. Eventually we went to like a gym or something. I was just chilling thinking about what just had happened, but not worried or nervous. Now, Justin and I were talkng and then there was this Gym Coach who was giving Justin a lot of shit. Justin hated this guy, and he seemed like a dick. He kept yelling at Justin who had just enough and when the guy was looking, his son came down some stairs and Justin shot the guy’s son.  The guy came running down and began to weep. Justin couldn’t believe what he just did.

Justin was really distraught over what he had done, but I remember I was just very deep and contemplative about what I had done. Still not showing any emotion about it, but on the inside I knew I had done something wrong. We went to like a playground and just cooled off I guess.
Then I got a text from my Friend Veronica, that said something like “Since they are already doing stories on the news about the murder, you should update your facebook status to say it was an accident.” I responded with “I’m not really sure it was an accident”. The phrase “I’m not really sure was something I was saying to my friends as we were having a very deep conversation about other things, and I just couldn’t really explain anything in the discussion because I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed.

So that was it, pretty fucked up right? But it was weird to see some elements that I could identify, but I dunno. It is cool to remember the dream and that it’s inspired a painting. I hope you all don’t think I’m too crazy :/.


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