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Hey there. It’s almost been 10 days. I gotta update this bad boy a bit more. Let’s see what is new…I have been working on Previs for the Ottoman, or I did last weekend. I did not this weekend. This weekend was spent cleaning/vaccumming my room which was desparately needed, College Football, Rugby Practice, and Football.

Speaking of Rugby, I have been moved to a new position now which is kind of exciting. Normally, I played prop, which for those of you who do not know is in the front row of the scrum. Now, being 6’3″ 240 pounds, I’m not really suited to be a prop. Props are usually shorter stalkier power players. So I have been moved to play Lock, which is the 2nd row of the scrum. Locks are usually taller. It should be interesting to see how it goes. I would like to maybe play Flanker and 8 man some day. We have some tall guys so we have plenty of Locks, so if I can get my endurance up I might be able to play those positions. Somehow playing on Sunday REALLY made me tired all day.

Also this week I bought Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I loved the first Uncharted. It was a great game, and I was REALLY looking forward to this game. I bought it, and it was a dicey situation because in order to do well at A.M. I have to really focus on what I’m doing you know? That’s pretty much why I have stopped painting. So I tried to just squeeze in some time where I could. I’ve managed to beat the game already. It was good. I liked it. They could be movies(both Uncharted Games).

So today, since it’s Sunday and AM assignments are done on Sunday and you can’t really do too much until you get your feedback, It’s like free day to work on some Painting or video games or anything you know? So I beat uncharted 2 today, watched some football and managed to squeeze in a quick painting. Here it is:


And lastly, here’s where I am at with my AM assignment. I have next week to get it ready for it’s final the following week.

Ray is good at getting feedback quick. I have my critique already. His main suggestions were to get some more curve in the spine in a couple of places, simplify the end and get it ready for polishing. Gonna put some serious work in this week.

Also, be on the look out on Cineversity for some new tutorials from me including A No-Flip Knee rig, and a Bendy Leg Rig

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You know, I don’t like that I only get to update this blog once a week. I wish I had more to discuss, but I instead just build it all up and burp it all out in one evening. Tonight, will likely be no different. :)

Let us begin with with My Animation Mentor Assignment. So I turned in my blocking assignment, and got some feedback from Morgan. He had some suggestions about fixing some of the composition of the shot as well as pointing out some of my poor silhouettes. Week 3′s assignment was to go beyond blocking. Out of stepped mode, more breakdowns, and to bring in other principles(like Overlap, secondary motion, Squash and stretch[but if you ask me your blocking should have this stuff but i digress]). Below is what I turned in.

I have gotten some feedback on it via my eCritique. Morgan is interesting, because he reminds me of myself a bit. He very much seems like an ideas man. He had some ideas for my shot but showed restraint due to the fact that we’re too far in for any drastic changes to the shot. But I just found it interesting that I can be very much the same way, and hearing him suggest some ideas makes me think of some of my own.

The one downer for this term, is that I turn in the assignment Sunday, get my eCritique Tuesday Evening(which doesn’t leave for much work). Then I have my Q&A on Wednesday Evening. So it basically gives me a couple hours before Q&A on Wednesday, and then I have to finish all of my work on Thurs-Sat. It just makes me feel a little bit rushed, but I am going pull through.

Seriously, I have been listening to so much Andrew W.K., and aside from making kick ass songs about just going wild and partying(which to him doesn’t necessarily mean getting hammered), he is easily one of the most positive people I have ever heard of. The guy is just pure energy and between that, and getting back a bit to Church(so obviously I would attribute most of this to reconnecting to God spiritually), I have just in a seriously good mood(except when I wake up in the morning).

I haven’t really been doing anything exciting either. I literally just work, go to the gym(Mondays), or Rugby Practice(Tues and Thurs), before coming home and working on my AM homework. Literally nothing exciting, but I am finding myself quite content in this solitude as I gotta find the time an energy to put all of my effort into Animation. Art is sadly on the backburner, but I know it’s good because Art is therapy too. And I know I can always go back to it and once I am done with AM, I will find a renewed Vigor for it as well!

This past weekend there was a Rugby 7′s Tournament in Santa Barbara. It was an ordeal. See, in 7′s you play 7 men on the field and 7 minute halfs. You would probably want…10-12 people on a team. I got to Elings Park in Santa Barbara for the Grunions Rugby Tournament just after 9AM. Apparently, CALibU(that’s what I call our combination Cal Lu and Malibu players) Rugby was up first! We didn’t have enough people so they pushed it back for us. by 10AM, we had probably 19 players! Enough for 2 full teams each with 2-3 subs! So we took full advantage of the rolling subs. We played the Grunion Rugby Club first and they beat us by 2 points(damn missed conversions!). That coupled with a clusterfuck for a substition system on our part was the reason why we lost. We sat down and got our stuff together for our second match which, due to a no show by the OC Ravens, meant we got to play the Grunions again. Revengeance!

We managed to beat them by about a try or 2 if memory serves, putting us at 1-1. We had time to kill before they seeded the tournament. I guess you play a few games, which gives you a ranking, then there’s the actual tournament time. There was an Open Side(for some of the better ranked teams like Santa Monic, and Belmont Shores) and then a Social Side. We were in the social side.

I think we were seeded as 4th place, maybe 5th. Anywho, our first match was against Pasadena Rugby Club. Details are hazy, but we won. We made it to the Semi-Finals where we would face the OC Whittier combo(I guess it might’ve been a combination of the OC Ravens with Whittier people as both teams didn’t have enough separately I think). We killed them. It was like 5 tries to 0. I believe I scored a try this game(I believe it was here and not against Pasadena). We had a free kick about 5 meters off the try line. Andrew took it dished it to me and I ran between the posts, gave 2 dudes a stiff forearm as I drove in and touched the ball down to score a try.

As I said, we won, which put us into the finals which I think was new territory for both clubs as I think we normally had a best of reaching the Semi-Finals. We played a team called, I believe Olympic Club. They had a team in the Open side as well as this social side which seemed to just be the subs  from the Open side. We had our work cut out for us.

We started the match and did not do particularly well. We had a crappy ref(who would eventually be the reason why we won later on) and we just got our ass kicked in the first half. By halftime it was 14-0 in favor of Olympic. With some halftime adjustments, we went in and scored a try, but missed the kick. Another breakaway from a penalty call(I believe hitting the kicker after he kicked the ball) we scored a try, but again a missed conversion. So with about 2 minutes left it was 10-14 Olympic.

Nick Dettorre was the one who scored I think, he was out of gas, he looked at me, and I could see he needed a sub, so we swapped out. It was a real good teamwork moment there and good substitions when it mattered. We kicked off, I believe they knocked the kickoff so it was our ball. They drove us back a bit, then someone passed the ball to Shawn who dished it to…me. What followed was my favorite part of the tournament which also began our final drive…

I grabbed the ball and began running. I think I shoved away someone, then I see this guy comin up to me. Normally I’d stiffarm or forearm them out of my way and keep trucking till Im about to go down. But for some reason, the angle I was running and this guy was pursuing, I decided I was going to pieface this guy. For those of you who do not know, a Pieface is when you take you open hand, as if you were holding a pie, and just put it in their face and push them away(as if you were trying to smash a pie on their face). For some reason, I knowingly decided to pieface this guy. I did and put him down to the ground I think hahahahaha. It was my favorite part of the tournament.

Anyway, somehow from that, I got tackled and we got some kind of penalty. We drove forward and got some unholy advantage time that took us all the way down to about 5 meters from the try. With a free kick, Pete took the tap and go and ran it in for the try on the last play of the game. Final score 15-14 CALibU. Simply Epic.

Not to be outdone, I had softball the next day. We have lost every game by probably an average of 12 runs(although one time we lost by 3 I think). We played the team that handed us probably our largest loss, and guess what…WE WON! Whaaaaaat?! I’m proud to say I went 3 for 3, with 1 Single, 1 Double, and a 2 run In the Park Home Run.

It was awesome. A Historic weekend for Sports for me. :)

Anyway, I think I’ve talked enough now. More updates to come hopefully a bit more frequently.

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I’m listening to an album I haven’t heard in a while. This Album is one of the first 2 albums I ever bought on iTunes. The album is Live at Zed Records by Das Klown. A great album. The title of this website “Die With Your Boots On” is from a Das Klown song. I mean I know it’s somewhat famous phrase, but I was introduced it by Das Klown. So the title of this post is called Eye Kill which is the first song on the album and it’s a good one…just thought I’d mention that randomly.

So with a quarter of the office out in Vegas for NAB, and  a very slow day(calls and emails) I managed to find a good chunk of time to work on my assignment which is good. I don’t think I’m finalizing it this week, just getting it out of blocked mode and continuing to break it down more. It’s coming along fairly well.

If you’re familiar with the Days of the week(the rugby Days of the week), then you know that Saturday’s a Rugby day. Today was CLU’s Alumni Match. It was good to be able to PLAY rugby instead of just watching. However I am definitely out of shape as far as my cardio is concerned. We didn’t have enough people for a full match so we played 4 quarters. Quarters 1 and 3 were 13′s(as in 13 on each team). Quarters 2 and 4 were 10′s(10 on each team). It was fun. For the 3rd Quarter we swapped forwards as backs and backs as forwards and you realize that backs have the easy life haha. Anyway it was good fun with the rugby players. The score was 77-70, with the Sexy Purple Stripes team(the team I played on) won over the Yellow and Purple Pittbulls. Clearly our Defence was shoddy and if you caught a fast break you had like a 78% chance of scoring.  Because of that, I managed to score a try which was cool. Here are some choice pictures from the match taken by my friend Karli on the sidelines.

Now I’m off to Justin’s to chill, eat some Mexican Food from Rudy’s, and drink a Miller High Life in his Jacuzzi. It’s going to be a good night :) .

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So, I had a very weird dream 2 nights ago. When I woke up from it, I wrote it down to help remember it, and man I gotta tell you that helps out a lot. I remember bits of it particularly. In fact, one scene from it I am beginning to think about perhaps turning into a new painting.

My friend thinks these dreams(mainly that they can be pretty messed up) are due to my drinking of soda and it’s caffiene. I don’t know, but I have been having a diet coke or cherry coke zero somewhere between like 6 and 8 PM. It is also the reason why I have been staying up so late and not sleeping well. Anyway, here is the dream, and my take on how those things got in there. Bold is the dream and the regular text is explanations and thoughts on why these were in my dream.

The dream first started off with me driving like a maniac because I was either drunk or tired and taking my friend Elliot home. I think I was just tired, but I have seen a video where they showed that driving tired is about as risky as driving drunk. I also watched Metalocalypse where they got drunk and then Nathan Explosion drove home and hurt Murderface(I’m not making these names up lol). So anyway, I was driving, and i specifically remember being on Telephone Road in Ventura and making a left onto Gardener Street and nearly getting hit. I don’t know why Elliot lived there, but I had a lot of friends on that road when I lived down that way.

So I dropped him off and proceeded up the street towards Darling Road. I saw Erik Kerr living I think 2 or 3 houses from the corner on the right side of the street. I ran into Erik and his roommates On Saturday Night at Howl at the moon, but he lives in Thousand Oaks, not Ventura. So I drove home, and the home I drove to was my old house on Darling Road(literally around the corner from Gardener), but the time it took me to get there was as if I had driven to where my house is now. Anway, I was hanging out with Justin, and this other guy Tim. I met Tim at CLU and he was on our Intramural Basketball team. He is a big, tall guy. Pretty quiet. He was n this dream because I saw him at the Rugby Game I would imagine. Anyway we wee hanging, and Tim did something that I didn’t like, but I don’t remember what it was. Anyway he left. So Justin and I were hanging out, and we went downtown which resembled a bit of the outskirts of San Francisco where my Friend Michelle lives. We were walking and I saw Tim in the window of this little diner. It was lke a diner made from a train car. I think it was heavily influenced from the similar little diner in Grand Theft Auto IV which I had just started playing again. This is the spot I want to use for a painting. In the diner, at a table next to a window with a guy standing with a cold bland look and about to shoot someone.

I walked in, and with a very emotionless face, went to his table pulled out a pistol and blasted him right then and there, and just walked out and Justin was like what was that for, but we just kept walkng around as if nothing had happened. I think this happened to Tim because I had seen him in the Rugby Game the day before, and he scored his first try which means he had to “Shoot the Boot”. This lead to a chant of “Shoot Shoot, Shoot the Boot”. I think that is why Tim was in this and why he got shot. Eventually we went to like a gym or something. I was just chilling thinking about what just had happened, but not worried or nervous. Now, Justin and I were talkng and then there was this Gym Coach who was giving Justin a lot of shit. Justin hated this guy, and he seemed like a dick. He kept yelling at Justin who had just enough and when the guy was looking, his son came down some stairs and Justin shot the guy’s son.  The guy came running down and began to weep. Justin couldn’t believe what he just did.

Justin was really distraught over what he had done, but I remember I was just very deep and contemplative about what I had done. Still not showing any emotion about it, but on the inside I knew I had done something wrong. We went to like a playground and just cooled off I guess.
Then I got a text from my Friend Veronica, that said something like “Since they are already doing stories on the news about the murder, you should update your facebook status to say it was an accident.” I responded with “I’m not really sure it was an accident”. The phrase “I’m not really sure was something I was saying to my friends as we were having a very deep conversation about other things, and I just couldn’t really explain anything in the discussion because I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed.

So that was it, pretty fucked up right? But it was weird to see some elements that I could identify, but I dunno. It is cool to remember the dream and that it’s inspired a painting. I hope you all don’t think I’m too crazy :/.


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