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Hey there! So, I am back from my trip to San Francisco, and man what a Blast! Definitely the way to seize 2009.  I’ve never been to SF so it was very cool to go there and see some of the sights. So after work on Friday I finished my assignment and went to Carp to get Justin. After a quick stop to Rudy’s for some Mexican food, we left for San Francisco at 7:30 at night.

During the drive, around…10PM we began playing “The Name Game”. Which consists of saying the name of a famous person(Author, Comedian, Actor, Athlete, Composer etc.) like Robin WIlliams for example. Then the Next person has to think of a person whos first name begins with the first letter of the guy’s last name. So if Justin said Robin Williams, I would say something like Wynnona Ryder.  So that started at 10…and we didn’t finish until around 9PM on SUNDAY!…yeah, over 48 hours of playing haha. What did I learn?…well, first of all, this was a fun and addicting game. So much that Michelle and Laurie joined in as well. Secondly, While Y’s may be the hardest letter to solve for (well unless you can think of an X I suppose), not a whole lot of people END with Y….The hardest Letter is probably F, G, or H I would say. Because SO MANY people end in those letters, but it’s hard to think of them.

Anyway, after 3 hours, we managed to make it to SF. Michelle had decided to go out and was planning on making it back in time…but she failed haha. THANKFULLY Laurie was home and let us in. The name game continued for about an  hour before going to bed. Michelle came in a wee bit intoxicated looking for her pj’s. It was an odd night. Apparently she had to walk over 3 miles drunk back to her house, ha!

So the next day we began by heading downtown and walking around. We stopped by Union Square, and then a couple shops. We met up with Laurie who got off work early and headed over to the Wharf. By this time Michelle had joined in the Name Game. We took a street car to the wharf and even though we were at near opposite ends of the packed car, we were still playing haha.

We went to the wharf and saw some Seals and stuff before heading down to some place to find some clam chowder. PS-Mission Accomplished! So we relaxed for a little while before heading out en route to Chinatown. We walked through little Italy and found the food part of China Town…Some WEIRD shit there man….WEIRD shit…It must be something about seeing Meat carried in a cardboard box without any sort of covering haha. We went down one street and suddenly THAT was where all the cool shit was happening. Chinese New Year is today I just remembered. So it was some sort of New Years Party. But there were all kinds of cool little knick knack shops. I ended up buying 3 Swords and a stand for 24 dollars. They are of poor quality…more of that later…

We just kept on moving and eventually decided to cook some dinner(and I posted the suggestion of havin some brews). So we(read, Justin) cooked some pasta and lived the Miller High Life. I must mention the High Life….Miller Makes a fantastic beer with the High Life. Not only does it go down smooth, you get a large quantity for under 2 dollars(32 ounces which is almost 3 beers). So when you have about 3 of those, you’re feelin PRETTY damn good. Now, Justin is a small guy and he had 2 of those. Needless to say he was drunk, but he was HILARIOUS! I’ve looked at some pictures and videos of that night and I just laugh. There are videos…but I won’t post them because he’s got “frollegues” who don’t need to see it haha.

The next day, we got up, a skosh hungover, and we went for a walk along a path. Michelle and Laurie live in the outer part of the city, and so it’s very quiet and much more relaxed. We walked a path to get a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge. I got some nice pictures. Then we drove over the bridge to the vista point for some more pictures, and then around 3PM we were off…and yes still playing the Name Game.

And then….by like….9 we were home(and we stopped at Carl’s Jr. for 40-50 minutes). All in all, it was a great trip, lots of fun, and a lot of memories. Below are some choice photos from the trip.

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