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Hey, so to help any Animation Mentor People trying to move over to Cinema 4D, I’ve made a quick Crash Course for People to get animating right away. First, go to fill out the form and download the R11.010 demo. When finished, unzip the file and you should have the demo…now, you can’t save it yet. Then when you open the Demo a Window should pop up. You can click a link to get an Activation Code. Fill out the form, get an email with a Code. Then click the “Enter Activation Code” button and paste the Activation Code, and hit OK. You should now have a Save Enabled Version for 42 days. Then, have a gander at these videos to get animating right away. If you need this file, we can probably provide it for you, just email MAXON tech support(fill out the support Ticket on the MAXON website).

I hope this helps anyone out there. I’ll try to do a better, and more in depth one for people soon.

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