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It’s 5AM, not really sure WHY I’m awake. MAXON just released it’s new upgrade of 11.5 two hours ago(noonish Germany Time). I’ve been working with 11.5 as a beta tester for a while now and it’s a solid release. I’ve actually been using it for all of my AM assignments since…about Week 5 I think, so it’s stable.

Some of the new features include:

Bucket Rendering
Render Instances
Mograph Dynamics(uses Bullet Engine)
New Picture Viewer(RAM player…I’ll never go back to R11 without this)
Motion 3D Support and enahnced AE Exchange

There’s a lot more, but I’t 5:15AM and I’m sleepy. It’s a good release, check out the press release:

MAXON also offers a new “edition” and “extension” kit, very similar to the Architecture and Engineering versions. There is now the Broadcast Edition which is aimed at people in the Broadcast field(who woulda thought?) Check the Press Release on that:

Need some more information about R11.5? Go to, we have been working on a lot of videos that present a lot of the new features in this version. Including a few done by yours truly(to view them you need to sign up for a free account):

Rendering Improvements Part 1

Rendering Improvements Part 2

Adobe After Effects Exchange Enhancements

Mograph Dynamics

Ok. Back to bed. It will be a busy day tomorrow….technically today.

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