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Today was one of those Lazy Sundays you hear about. Only it was a Saturday. Which is good, because if it were Sunday and it were actually 4AM on Monday Morning before work I would be in for one very very rough day, actually.

Today, I did some laundry, ate at Urbane Cafe(which is my weekend ritual), cleaned my painbrushes, and painted some more. I painted Allison’s eyes today which was good. I think so far they’ve come out all right. I need to do the eyelashes still, but once the eyes are done it should be easier(as I am prone to mistakes, and wet on wet produces a lot of mud).

After that, I took a shower and headed to Carpinteria. Justin, Gonzo, Sarah, and I went to Kai Sushi in Santa Barbara. It was very tasty as I often find Teriyaki Beef to be(not big on sushi anymore). After that we went down the street to Java Joes and partook in many nerdy conversations. About how the Math from the Bill didn’t add up, googolplexes(One of my FAVORITE topics), exponential growth, and so on and so forth.  This seemed to piss off Sarah(who drove) and she just wanted out. I guess we might be slight losers, who knows?

Then I came home and tweaked some of my Animation Mentor Assignment. It was tough because I had 2 poses made, and it was pretty even on which one people thought I should use as the assignment. The funny thing is that I think girls prefered one and guys the other. It ended up being pretty split at 3 and 3 I believe. I decided to side with the ladies on this(mainly because I think the silhouette is clearer). It’s nice to have it done and finished. Especially since it’s so late now. If I went to bed I doubt I’d get up before 11:30 tomorrow.

Anywho, that’s about it. Tomorrow I think I will paint, watch some football, visit my friend in LA, and maybe see a movie. Speaking of Football, Go Steelers!….As for the NFC…well…I guess Cardinals? I dunno.

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