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So, I took today off of work which is nice. I needed a day off. Not like a Holiday(whoo hoo for Memorial day on Monday), but like just a day off. So I took today off for a few reasons. One I was a bit burned out as I haven’t had a day off since October last year. The second reason was because I decided to work in Maya for this next Animation Mentor assignment, and I really needed to spend the time to get used to working in Maya(can’t say I like it still :P ). Third, Season 9 of Dragon Ball Z came out Yesterday, so I gotta watch that :D . I know it makes me a loser, but I don’t care.

So let’s see what else is new since Friday. Friday I went to Stuft Pizza in Thousand Oaks with some friends of mine to get some dinner before the Class of 2008 Reunion. So some Stuft Stix and beer was consumed before moseying across the street to Sunset Terrace at the Janss Marketplace. It was nice to see some old faces and stuff, see how people were doing and stuff. After a couple hours, we went to PJ’s right by Cal Lutheran which wasn’t quite as good, but oh well.

Then on Saturday I had to wake up really early and drive to LA to help my friend Karli as she was Art Directing this TV Show. Going to bed at 3:30 the night before and waking up at 7:20 didn’t make it enjoyable at all haha. The only good thing about it is that I could now say I’ve been inside a Porno studio, which…Is something unique to say the least haha.(And screwing with my friends making them think I went to star in a porno was fun too). After two hours of Traffic I was cursing all that was LA. I came home and worked on my assignment.

Then Sunday I went out with some new friends to Yamato Sushi in Camarillo. We went for Karaoke and drinks. It was nice to meet some new people. I ended up going out with them again last night, but left early as I wasn’t feeling all that great. But it was nice to see them all and say bye to Marissa before she goes to Australia.

This leads me to today. Today, I woke up at 9:45 which is a nice change from 8AM. I threw on some DBZ(which I bought yesterday thus completing both my loserdom and collection of the series) and got to work on my blocking for the assignment. It’s….coming along I guess. I’m on a break right now, watching my show and I also took my new, sweet ass bike out for a spin around the house…I really like it so far. Now, I’m going to go to Urbane Cafe and get me some club sandwhiches, and relax for a couple of hours, and maybe clean my brushes before going back to work. Today is a very nice day, just what I needed.

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Is Thursday Really almost over? Shit. I’m so far behind. I got a lot of work to do on my Animation Mentor Assignment and I haven’t uploaded anything for comments from my peers, I haven’t commented on my peers, I haven’t painted, blaaaaaah! It’s this damn cold I swear it. Stuffing up my nose, making me hate life. Oh well.

Instead of buckling down and doing all of that tonight…I’m going to go to the CLUFest show and then go bowling with some friends…It’s going to be tough cause I have a long way to go for my assignment and not a lot of time. I got bowling tonight, probably a barbeque tomorrow night, and Saturday I have an Alumni Rugby Match. So I guess I better get cracking right now.


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