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I’m listening to an album I haven’t heard in a while. This Album is one of the first 2 albums I ever bought on iTunes. The album is Live at Zed Records by Das Klown. A great album. The title of this website “Die With Your Boots On” is from a Das Klown song. I mean I know it’s somewhat famous phrase, but I was introduced it by Das Klown. So the title of this post is called Eye Kill which is the first song on the album and it’s a good one…just thought I’d mention that randomly.

So with a quarter of the office out in Vegas for NAB, and  a very slow day(calls and emails) I managed to find a good chunk of time to work on my assignment which is good. I don’t think I’m finalizing it this week, just getting it out of blocked mode and continuing to break it down more. It’s coming along fairly well.

If you’re familiar with the Days of the week(the rugby Days of the week), then you know that Saturday’s a Rugby day. Today was CLU’s Alumni Match. It was good to be able to PLAY rugby instead of just watching. However I am definitely out of shape as far as my cardio is concerned. We didn’t have enough people for a full match so we played 4 quarters. Quarters 1 and 3 were 13′s(as in 13 on each team). Quarters 2 and 4 were 10′s(10 on each team). It was fun. For the 3rd Quarter we swapped forwards as backs and backs as forwards and you realize that backs have the easy life haha. Anyway it was good fun with the rugby players. The score was 77-70, with the Sexy Purple Stripes team(the team I played on) won over the Yellow and Purple Pittbulls. Clearly our Defence was shoddy and if you caught a fast break you had like a 78% chance of scoring.  Because of that, I managed to score a try which was cool. Here are some choice pictures from the match taken by my friend Karli on the sidelines.

Now I’m off to Justin’s to chill, eat some Mexican Food from Rudy’s, and drink a Miller High Life in his Jacuzzi. It’s going to be a good night :) .

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