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Today’s Post Title Comes from the song I’m currently listening to, which is Your Rules by Andrew W.K. and it is from his Album, The Wolf, which is a good album. I don’t think he has a bad album, every album is just different, and The Wolf is an interesting Segway from I Get Wet to Close Calls with Brick Walls.

Anyway, new business. Work has been crazy. Thankfully, last week was slightly less busy. We’ve been working a lot of Top Secret Really Hush Hush stuff. If I mentioned anything it would compromise our agents in the fields. :P .

No but seriously, it’s been very busy for like the last…month or so. I haven’t been able to do any Cineversity Videos since all of my projects for work have been with this secret project. We’ve also had an intern who was doing a lot of re-recording of old R9.5 videos to get them updated to R11. So I couldn’t do anything during that time. I think I recorded 1 video, and quite frankly, I don’t much care for it. I may scrap the idea and just do it here on my website as a tip instead. I have a lot of other ideas for tutorials. I have a lot of tutorials on particular subjects, like IK/FK Arm setups and more. But I’m also working on trying to get a enormous project series going with the help of Patrick Goski who is a MAXON trainer and a fine drawer. The idea is to take a character sketch then model, texture, rig, and possibly animate him as well. If he’s interested, I might have him help me out with some development for a couple of Animated Shorts I have. I have 2 ideas that I have been sitting on for 3-4 years now. I want to eventually see them come to fruition.

Now that school has started up, My paintings(and overall creativity) has stopped. Ahhh to dream that some day, I will be able to paint much more frequently and with some greater passion, but unfortunately for me, it’s remaining just a hobby. I hate how much the world fascinates me sometimes. There’s so much I want to learn but I’m not finding enough time to master them :D .

Speaking of School, Class three has begun. I NEEEEEEEED to get more involved. I am just sliding through and I gotta focus on #1. Getting My Animation Chops built up. and #2. Communicating more with my Peers as these are the people that will also help me get jobs by being the foot in the door(and conversely I will be doing the same for them). So It’s kind of good that I am putting painting on hold a bit. It will always be there when I need a break from animating and to just relax. So Class three, my mentor is Morgan Kelly. He is an animator for Dreamworks and so far he’s been pretty cool. He’s been at AM for a while and also at Dreamworks for a while.

So the class has 2 paths to choose from. You can choose to do 3 separate topics(very much like Class 2) where each assignment goes for about 4 weeks, OR you could do what is called an AnimJam. It’s basically 3 Assignments but they are all tied together with a theme. Morgan showed us this awesome example of an Animjam where it was Stewie escaping from Jail. The first shot was him moving the bed and crawling through a hole. The second shot was him swinging across some pipes and into a window. The 3rd shot was him coming in the window and then trying to run away because he was spotted, but he got tazed.

I have decided to do the AnimJam. My idea is to have a construction site. Shot 1 will be Stewie Lifting his bucket of Tools and then grabbing a Saw and cutting through a plank like a 2″x8″.

Shot two will be him trying to lift up the board to put it to use. The board will be heavy and cumbersome so it should show some good body mechanics. When lifting the board. He will accidentally knock over his tools off the building.

The final shot will show another Stewie hammering something, then some tools will rain down on him. The last shot isn’t totally hammered out yet(nice pun!). I’m debating having him dodge them all, but get hit by the bucket so it lands on his head, or maybe him see a tool hit, look at it, then get hit in the head(but with a hardhat on). He takes off the hat and looks like he is lucky to be wearing it, and then get hit with another tool going unconscious.

Still trying to hammer it all out, but I have quite a bit of time before I begin the 3rd shot(almost 2 months). Anyway, here is the rough blocking for my first shot.

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