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If you’ve wondered what I’ve been doing at work, well now I can tell you. CINEMA 4D R12 is out. Please read about it all here:

Quick List of new features:
-Fully integrated Linear Work Flow including in the viewport
-Completely New Dynamics System using Bullet including Softbodies.
-A BUNCH of new great deformers for Character animation and more(Camera Deformer, Mesh Deformer to name a couple)
-Real World Units
-Morph and Posemixer had a baby. It’s name is Pose Morph and it Rules
-IES Lights
-Screw, the old Batch Render, Welcome the new Render Queue
-Python fully integrated
-IK Dynamics
-OpenGL 3.0

There’s a bunch more crap out there. Go to and check it all out. It rocks. Rick and Kai will be busy with CINEVERSITY Live This week:

Cineversity Live! Will be on the air twice a day this week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – to coincide with the launch of Release 12.
To view Cineversity Live visit

Wednesday, Sept 1
11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET) – General Release Announcement
3 pm PDT (2200 GMT/ 0000 CET) – Rendering Features and Q&A
Thursday, Sept 2
11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET) – Dynamics
3 pm PDT (2200 GMT/ 0000 CET) – Release 12 Q&A
Friday, Sept 3
11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET) – New Character Tools and Deformers
3 pm PDT (2200 GMT/ 0000 CET) – Release 12 Q&A”

And now some time to breathe as the madness unfolds

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