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Man, epic fail on my part. I had posted something about not liking the fact that I go for long periods of time without updating this bad boy. Now this is the first post of August and it’s the 12th, Ugh! Sorry about that folks.

So what’s new. Umm, I popped 2 tires on my bike ending my dream of riding 20 miles a couple weeks ago. Shit happens. Tires are fixed, but I have not ridden since. I just need to put my bike back in my car and make sure to not leave my ipod at work.

SIGGRAPH 2009 happened. Didn’t get to go. LA is next year, hope to get to go then, but I heard the show wasn’t so good which is to be expected in this shitconomy and being in Nawlins.

August 8th(which reminds me of the NOFX song) my friend Jordan Darby, who I met through my brother(and they are much better friends) got married to his girlfriend, of I don’t even know how long, Lindsay. The wedding was a blast, which was surprising when you consider no alcohol was served and there was no dancing whatsoever, yet it was very fun as I got to hang out with some people I have not seen in close to four years.

The best part was they had a photobooth for the wedding. You’d take 4 pics, it would print 2 vertical strips, you can then cut out one, glue it in a scrap book for Joran and Lindsay and write stuff for them and keep the other for yourself. Truly a great idea. Below are the pics I took.


I love the sheer sleeziness I achieve with a mustache, smirk, and removeal of shirt. Anyway, that was a great wedding. In those images are my friends Little Brett, Vanessa, and Veronica.

Animation Mentor is going pretty well. This week(due Sunday) my second shot is due. It is coming along. I got my critique last week and I got full credit for all parts which I think might be a first(at the very least a first for class 3).  It felt very good to get such good remarks. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this Animation thing! I will post what I come up with when it’s finished.

Life is Good. I buzzed my hair. Since doing that, life has been better. Go figure :P . Going to Vegas on the 21st…should be wild. That is all for now.

…Oh I’m also trying to learn Python Scripting. It’s kind of a pain in the ass but thanks to some tips from Charles Wardlaw, I’m situated and ready to move forward.

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