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So Week 3 at Animation Mentor has started. We’re about to animate now. We have 3 assignments for this week. The first is to animate a ball bouncing in 50-100 frames. The ball is supposed to be like a basketball or soccer ball. Then we’re supposed to Thumbnail that animation, Sketch some poses for “Excitement”, and then to pose Stu to match the sketch, or at least based off the sketch, and still showing “Excitement”.


This is my Stu Thumbnails. You can see me get better as I kept going haha. Drawing requires some warm ups. I need to be drawing every day.

Bouncing Ball

And my bouncing ball drawings…which are shit. However, a bouncing ball requires some physics….well it doesn’t REQUIRE it, but man I dig physics. I did some tests with a basketball. I found that the ball can bounce anywhere from 7-11 times in under 5 seconds. The first fall took .4 seconds. Then the time from that fall to the next fall is .9 seconds…which means that the second contact occurs at 1.3 seconds.

Now the thing I hope fellow students realise is that Horizontal Motion is independent of vertical motion. Also, that a ball should take the same amount to fall that it took to rise.

Yeah, I’m a physics geek, it happens. But I mean…as a guy, how am I NOT supposed to be interested in throwing, smashing, and breaking things? It’s like Physics is meant for me.

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