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This is an odd thing to write about. Anyone who knows me my memory is like a screen bucket. Some things will stick but most things I will just forget because it is the gift my father gave me :P . Anyway, I normally don’t have dreams. And if I do, they’re incredibly vivid and then I forget. Last night I had 3 dreams and of those 3 I can only remember 2. It’s just kind of weird to think about, because some of the things in my dreams are easily explainable(which I will go to later). But some of the other things really make me think, “Where the hell did that come from?”

I should really make a habit of writing my dreams down because they could always become some sort of inspirational source later on for something. So, let’s talk about what was in my dreams. As I mentioned, I had 3 dreams last night. One pretty violent and scary, one funny, and one pretty suspenseful. Sadly, the funny one I forget, I just am assuming it was funny. I just know it was a nicer dream than the other two.

So the first dream was very clearly influenced by the fact that I saw the movie Taken yesterday. Liam Neilson was kicking a lot of Albanian ass in my dream much like the movie. I don’t remember much of it. But I think we were somewhere on the boat like the last ass kicking scene in the movie, but it was very blue, as if it were in the dark and no lights besides the moon. Some how I was laying down and some Albanian fucker came up and cut my legs off right around the calves. It didn’t hurt but I was picked up only to watch my legs fall off. I woke up shortly after.

The third dream was an odd one. I was in a jeep with these two guys Trevor Thompson and his friend Austin. I went to school with Trevor and Saw Austin around but never really met him or talked to him. Anyway, I don’t exactly remember the order of events, but I believe we started out at like a mobile home and inside was Lewis Black. And someone was yelling at him, I don’t remember who. Lewis Black is because I saw the movie Accepted the day before. I think in that movie he sits out in front of a trailer or something. Anyway, we took off in a jeep along this dirt road along a cliff. Now, first I remember us burning out and nearly going off the cliff which scared the shit out of me(figuratively) since I am afraid of heights. Then we’re cruising around and all of the sudden we hit this  bump in the road and there was just a MASSIVE drop. Like it was a steep downhill slope. We were REALLY REALLY high up and falling, and landed just fine.

This raised a few questions for me. 1. What is the significance of the location of the cuts to my calves? 2. Two near deaths in one dream, common or not? 3. Don’t you normally wake up before you land? Why didn’t I wake up when the jeep went over the slope? The big thinker is me wondering what kind of crazy shit I do in my sleep if I’m thinking of these weird as dreams…

…Dreams are an interesting and eerie thing all wrapped up in one. I’ll try to keep notes on more of them.

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