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Hey there. It’s almost been 10 days. I gotta update this bad boy a bit more. Let’s see what is new…I have been working on Previs for the Ottoman, or I did last weekend. I did not this weekend. This weekend was spent cleaning/vaccumming my room which was desparately needed, College Football, Rugby Practice, and Football.

Speaking of Rugby, I have been moved to a new position now which is kind of exciting. Normally, I played prop, which for those of you who do not know is in the front row of the scrum. Now, being 6’3″ 240 pounds, I’m not really suited to be a prop. Props are usually shorter stalkier power players. So I have been moved to play Lock, which is the 2nd row of the scrum. Locks are usually taller. It should be interesting to see how it goes. I would like to maybe play Flanker and 8 man some day. We have some tall guys so we have plenty of Locks, so if I can get my endurance up I might be able to play those positions. Somehow playing on Sunday REALLY made me tired all day.

Also this week I bought Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I loved the first Uncharted. It was a great game, and I was REALLY looking forward to this game. I bought it, and it was a dicey situation because in order to do well at A.M. I have to really focus on what I’m doing you know? That’s pretty much why I have stopped painting. So I tried to just squeeze in some time where I could. I’ve managed to beat the game already. It was good. I liked it. They could be movies(both Uncharted Games).

So today, since it’s Sunday and AM assignments are done on Sunday and you can’t really do too much until you get your feedback, It’s like free day to work on some Painting or video games or anything you know? So I beat uncharted 2 today, watched some football and managed to squeeze in a quick painting. Here it is:


And lastly, here’s where I am at with my AM assignment. I have next week to get it ready for it’s final the following week.

Ray is good at getting feedback quick. I have my critique already. His main suggestions were to get some more curve in the spine in a couple of places, simplify the end and get it ready for polishing. Gonna put some serious work in this week.

Also, be on the look out on Cineversity for some new tutorials from me including A No-Flip Knee rig, and a Bendy Leg Rig

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Title of this post goes to the song I’m listening to at the moment which is KISS’ Love Gun. I remember I heard this song at the very end of the VH1 Rock Honors when KISS was honored. I never knew the name of the song. I researched and eventually and I found it, which is good cause I think it’s a cool song.

Anyway, onto more interesting things. So, last Friday I decided to leave Sprint Finally for Verizon. Sprint…they dicked me over too many times and I had had enough. Allow me to sing you my tale…

The year was 2000 and 4, and I was a Senior in High School, 30 pounds lighter, and just getting involved with a pretty lady. She had a cell phone that had Sprint. Prior to that, I had thought Cell Phones were part of the societal problems in America. Too many little bastards looking at their phones and not paying attention. Well, I became a hypocrite, and bought a phone(but My theory was right as my cell phone is now my drug of choice). Anyway, my lady had Sprint, and so I bought Sprint. I think I had something like…200 Minutes, Nights and Weekends, then Unlimited Texting for 5 dollars, Unlimited Internet for 5-10 dollars, PCS to PCS for 5 dollars and maybe something else, I don’t remember, but it was a 2 year contract. All was well.

Well, in 2005, My phone died. Somehow it got wet, and I had to get it replaced. Fine and dandy as I had insurance. Now, you think they would simply replace my phone right? I mean they gave me THE EXACT same model of phone. So after I got it, I got a bill, and noticed I was paying a lot more…I got charged a lot because I had apparently gone over my 100 Text limit….but I had unlimited texting…

Turns out those bastards changed my contract WITHOUT notifying me. I called them up and got some rep who was reading from a script. I told her, “You guys changed my plan, I would like what I had, specifically I want my unlimited Texting for 5 dollars”. (Instead they had me on 100 text and Picture Mail…even though they knew I didn’t have a picture phone). She responded “We’ve never had unlimited texting for 5 dollars, sir.” So I pulled out a Bill from 4 months earlier when all was well and sure enough it said “Unlimited txt 5.00″. So I called her on it. “So you’re telling me, this bill I’m looking at for November of last year, Where it says Unlimited txt 5.00, you’re telling me this never existed?” “I’m sorry sir, but we’ve never had unlimited texting for 5 dollars.”

So I was fed up. Eventually, I got the unlimited Texting for 15 dollars, blah blah blah. All was ok it seemed. So that’ was 2005. Then I added texting maybe 1-2 months later in 05. My original plan was scheduled to end in 2006 mind you.

So Summer of 2007, I’m going to Europe for 6 weeks, and since I can’t use it in Europe, I don’t want to have to pay. Well I was told I could put it in Standby Mode which would just be like 10 dollars and then I turn it back on when I’m back. So I call in about it and they tell me, if I were to do that, I’d have to sign up for ANOTHER contract because the plan I had, is no longer available! So I asked them when my plan was set to expire? Didn’t it end in 2006 and I’ve just been going on since then? Nope! Oh that contract we signed you up on for 2 years when you replaced your phone, It ADDED 2 years to your previous contract and set it to end in 2008….Oh and remember how you added texting? Well that added another year. So they told me my plan would be up in June of 2009!

I was fucking furious with them, but fuck them, I was going to England. I will do my time and leave them. So Flash forward to I believe it was April 2008. I’m a senior in College now, graduating in about 2 weeks. I’m in the Vons on Moorpark road when I get a call. I pick up the call and it’s a very bad salesperson from Sprint. Bad because they were reading from a script and kept stopping and losing their place. Anywho, they told me that because I was such a loyal longtime customer, I was elligible for a free phone upgrade!(After only 4 years, wow!) So I sit and listen to the Schpeil for a bit before cutting to the chase. “Will accepting this phone increase my contract lenght?” “Well, yes, this phone does come with a blah blah blah contract”. I told them “Well, no thanks. I don’t want to increase my contract length, I’m planning on leaving when it’s over.” He kept trying over and over and I kept repeating no thanks, if it’s going to increase my contract.

Well the guy said he would talk to his manager, put me on hold and told me he could give me the phone with no contract extension. I made him reiterate that my contract would end in June of 2009. Nothing would change there, right? Right he said. So I took the phone, I activated it, I asked the person when I activated when my expiration date was. She told me I was still set for June 2009. When I added picture mail 3 months later, I asked again. I was told the same. June 2009.

So Flash forward to 2 weeks ago, May 2009. I signed online to check my account. I set it all up and I go and find it and it said “May 2010″. WHAT THE FUCK!? Was my reaction. I immediately called up Customer service and began to talk with them. “You received a new phone in May of 2008 and that came with a 2 year extension.”(NOTE the contract was NOT for 2 years when the guy first told me about the phone). I bitched him out and told him, No, I did not accept it. I was told by THREE different employees that my contract ended in June 2009. I told the guy who sold me the phone, the person who activated it, and one more months later. Why is it now suddenly 2010?! I was transferred to a manager, and she gave me a similar message and I was just letting her have it(NOTE But I always apologize to them, because I know these people personally arn’t doing this to me but their company frustrates me to no end. Being technical support myself, I hate when people put the blame on ME when I didn’t make the program crash. So I was very upset but I tried to still make it clear I’m not upset with the woman, but the company) that the company had dont this to me…3 times, extending my contract 4 years longer than ever anticipated without so much as informing me about doing so any of the times.

I talked with the manager and told her I was planning on getting out of the contract and that for the last year, according to Sprint employees, I was set to get out next month. She was quite helpful and changed it back to be June 2009(June 7th to be exact). Happy to know the end was near, on Friday the 29th, I went to the Verizon store by work and bought a plan, and a new phone. I am happy to be leaving. In fact, I’ve put in the port switch to keep my number so possibly tomorrow I will be officially done with Sprint.

I bought a Voyager and am enjoying it very much, although the battery life is a little low for my liking, oh well.

…So after all of that rant. Here is my Class 2, Week 9 Assignment in it’s linear pass. Lots of work to be done. It’s a guy running, falling, and  getting up and running away. The syllabus mentions texture in the animation. So I tried to vary it up with a slow lofty sort of run, he gets scared and falls, then runs away quicker. Trying to break it up you know?

Much more to do but here it is…

Tomorrow is 80′s night at Yamato Sushi. I’ll be there, but probably in 80′s attire haha. Have a good one and it felt good to get this off my chest.

PS-Ack! I haven’t painted in several days now. I need to get crackin!

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Is Thursday Really almost over? Shit. I’m so far behind. I got a lot of work to do on my Animation Mentor Assignment and I haven’t uploaded anything for comments from my peers, I haven’t commented on my peers, I haven’t painted, blaaaaaah! It’s this damn cold I swear it. Stuffing up my nose, making me hate life. Oh well.

Instead of buckling down and doing all of that tonight…I’m going to go to the CLUFest show and then go bowling with some friends…It’s going to be tough cause I have a long way to go for my assignment and not a lot of time. I got bowling tonight, probably a barbeque tomorrow night, and Saturday I have an Alumni Rugby Match. So I guess I better get cracking right now.


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So, let’s catch up shall we? So this weekend…I think on Friday actually, I bought four more wood panels. I have a lot of ideas but no planning for any of them…story of my life…Something I am noticing in my work at animation Mentor is a severe lack of planning. I gotta work on that. I just am a very…I can’t think of the word, but I like to work it out in my head, which sometimes doesn’t really come out well but I like it. I have 2 lovely ladies interested in being models for me, but I have to come up with the ideas fully.

Today is the new start of Class 2 for Animation Mentor which means a new mentor, new students(well except my buddy Ting!). My new Mentor is Shaun Freeman and I am looking forward to the new term! Whoo Hoo!

And since last week had no homework, I managed do do a little bit of painting. I laid down an initial Grisailles layers without any feet and hands. Here it is. Adios!


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Couple of quick things. Sorry I haven’t been posting, just been sorta busy. My Daily Sketching Idea has failed as I have not drawn in days, doh!. It’s ok, I would rather draw occassionally and really sit and focus on making it good than just sketching something quick to keep my daily quota.

So, on Sunday was my friend Josh Batt’s Pre-Deployment BBQ. Josh will be going to Iraq quite soon for 7 months, so we all got together and it was very nice to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while. I’ll be praying for Josh’s safe return.

Last night I did a quick Impramtura layer for 2 panels. They are tinted quite yellow now, one more than the other as I was running out of paint on the second one haha. I found a great website demonstrating the 7 layer flemish technique at The Free Pink Rose tutorial is great. That’s how I want to paint, so I will try doing it that way…Now to just think of what I want to paint haha. So many ideas, not enough preparation for any of them, but I have such a drive to paint right now. I suppose I could have a go at a still life…we will see. I hope to maybe get started on Thursday as I did a very thin impramtura so I believe it will dry very quickly.

Lastly, The next video for the Biped Rigging Series on Cineversity is up. This video is on Mirroring the Taquito Rig. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been working on the weighting tutorial today and it’s tough. I’m not great at weighting myself, and the model is fairly low poly and a simple rig which makes weighting somewhat problematic. i just hope the tips I present are useful, helpful, and that you learn something.  After this one get finished and uploaded there will be 1 more video to conclude the series, and then I will move on to some other things…I only have 1 tutorial planned for after this series but I don’t know what I will do when I run out of ideas :)

Lastly(for real this time), Last night was my last Q&A for my first class at Animation Mentor. Many thanks to my classmates, and to Joe Mandia my mentor for everything. It was cool, everyone was real cool, hope to see you all  around the campus next class :)

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Some new posts. Hope everyone had a good St. Patty’s Day, I didn’t get to have a drop of the craythur at all, sadly. Oh well. Onto new news…


I know it’s been a while for some of you folks enjoying my Biped Rigging Series on Cineversity, things fell through and I ended up having to do the Priorities video myself which required my own learning of priorities in order to try and explain them. Anywho, it is now available for viewing at Cineversity so go enjoy that one.

Below are some sketches I’ve been doing. The first two are from the last two days, a couple doodles for this week’s Stu Pose at AM.



Below is a sketch I took a bit further because I liked the idea of it. I stopped before going too far. I may return to it sometime.


Last night I got to talk to my friend Karli and it was nice to tell her all the crazy painting ideas I have because she is interested in it and thinks they are cool. Almost motivates me to get cracking on some of them, except I’m just really FN tired lately, haha. Maybe tonight I will start one…that’d be cool.

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So…let’s see. It’s week 8 at Animation Mentor. We begin walks which is exciting. Last week I animated Tailor, and it definitely kicked my ass.

So that is taken care of. Last night I went to Howl at the Moon at City Walk for my friend Libby’s Birthday. It was an interesting experience. I don’t know if I handle crowded environments with a lot of alcohol being consumed and limited space. I’m a big guy so it’s not fun maneuvering around when you’re 6’3″ 250 pounds(hopefully by April I’ll be 225 or 235). But overall it was fun. We left Howl to go to Saddle Ranch, but that was way too crowded, so Kai, Amanda, Josiah, and I walked around lookin for some food. We found Wetzel’s Pretzels. They have this like…Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel…so awesome. We we got some pretzels and we were just chilling outside the store at like 1 AM or so. Then they were closing and one of the guys comes out and says “You guys want some free pretzels?” and we were like “Hell yeah!” so we got like 5-6 free pretzels. So good.


This is the final version of Allison’s Painting. Well I should say the Painting of Allison. I think I am going to move back to the painting of Josh and Brittaney’s Wedding. I’ve been sitting on that for the last…8 months or so, so I think it’s about time to get it wrapped up. Anyway, That’s about it for now. I bought 2 new Panels that I hope to Gesso next weekend and maybe work on some other things. I still need to get all of my art pictures up as well. Oy Vey.

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Dear Friends,

Sorry for the lack of Updates. Stop
I am working on this, I promise. Stop
I need to take a pic of the Allison Painting. Stop.


That is my week 6 public review so far. Stop.
I did it all in Cinema 4D. Stop
Today my car rolled over 100,000. Stop.
I have been listening to The Vandals all week. Can’t Stop.

Happy Birthday to My brother, Drake, and Rick at work too. Stop.
I love my niece and nephew very very much. Stop.
Three day weekend. Heck yeah! Stop.

Sincerely yours,
“The Australian Dynamo” Bernie Bays

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Hey, so to help any Animation Mentor People trying to move over to Cinema 4D, I’ve made a quick Crash Course for People to get animating right away. First, go to fill out the form and download the R11.010 demo. When finished, unzip the file and you should have the demo…now, you can’t save it yet. Then when you open the Demo a Window should pop up. You can click a link to get an Activation Code. Fill out the form, get an email with a Code. Then click the “Enter Activation Code” button and paste the Activation Code, and hit OK. You should now have a Save Enabled Version for 42 days. Then, have a gander at these videos to get animating right away. If you need this file, we can probably provide it for you, just email MAXON tech support(fill out the support Ticket on the MAXON website).

I hope this helps anyone out there. I’ll try to do a better, and more in depth one for people soon.

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting too much, but hey, shit happens right? Anyway, what’s new…what’s new…uhhh Well, I have been back to working out again. I don’t know if I ever made it public, but I was planning on losing 30-40 pounds by April. I started back in late December(like a week before Christmas.) I think in 1 month I lost about 8 pounds which is decent, but I can do better. It’s just been tough because…I am a lazy man. So I had been slacking on my gym time. I hope to change that. I’ve started to crash Rugby Practices at CLU to get some extra cardio on my off days from the Gym. Today was my first time and it went all right. It makes me miss playing.

Speaking of things I miss, wrestling. See, I was once a Professional Wrestler. I believe it was 2005 when my friends and I began training at the School of Hard Knocks with Jesse Hernandez in San Bernadino. I loved it. Jesse is a great guy and I have a lot of respect from him. I learned a lot as well. I trained with him for about 2 years straight. It was quite a committment. I would have to get up at 6:45 AM on Saturdays to meet my friends at the mall to drive 2 hours to San Bernadino. Then we would train for 4 hours and then drive back. Training was a toll which left me not wanting to do anything the rest of the day. And needing to get up early meant not doing much on Friday. So I could say it killed my social life, but in reality I didn’t have one…but it sort of, maybe prevented one, who knows. Anyway, I had a lot of fun and then in the Summer of 07 I studied in London for 6 weeks. It was a break from Wrestling. When I got back, I wrestled in…I believe 1, maybe 2 matches before I stopped. I don’t know how good of terms I left off with. Red, who is like the…Well I don’t know what I’d call him…He was in charge of booking I think and was like an overseer I suppose, he got mad at me for something I hadn’t done, but like a man, he talked to me about it and we hammered it out, and I told him I was burnt out and that he should leave me off shows and the website. I respected him for wanting the truth and coming to me to hear it. So we left it at that, and I haven’t spoken to him since. I’d like it to be clear I have no beef with Red. That’s not the tone I want to convey here. It’s just that was it. It was August 2008 when I wrestled last. Since then I’ve kept in contact with Jesse via Mysapce a little bit, wishing him Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. I respect both him and Red, and I miss working for them. I just don’t know if I am ready to commit again. I don’t think I have the time with work and school. Perhaps in the future. However, I bequeath to you all, the one piece of video evidence of my Professional Wrestling Career on the Internet.  This is a clip on Youtube you can find by typing in Red Bull Bash. This was for the Red Bull Grand Prix and Party in June or July of 06. We traveled up to Monterey and got paid 100 bucks to do a match in front of about 500 people which was a good crowd. They were hammered and they cheered and booed when necessary.

Now, what else… Let’s see. School is going good. We’re on Week 4 which means class one is 1/3rd of the way done. This weeks assignment is to animate 2 bouncing balls of different weights. This week has been interesting because there has been a lot of talk about timing and a lot of physics principles. And Me and Physics are pals. I love Kinetics and Motion with Physics. So we have been talking about Inertia and stuff, but it’s interesting to see their take on it. I think they arn’t explaining it right but whatever. If I see these problems on peoples work I talk about it. Like for example, two objects falling should hit simultaneously regardless of their mass/weight. Unless its something like a Beach ball which the wind resistance would cause different landings. Anyway, I’ll take off my nerd hat for now.  Below is my current take on this weeks assignment.

Lastly…I haven’t done ANY painting in a while. I would like to change that. I also would like to do more drawing. Maybe I will try to do like a sketch a day or something…That could be fun. It’ll keep my skills in check and maybe boost some creativity. Anyway, this weekend, I want to try to get some painting done on Saturday. Anyway, it is late, so adios!

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