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That’s right folks, as of 5PM Pacific Standard Time this evening, MAXON US’ staff size has shrunk by two. Today was the last day for Kai Pedersen and Amanda Knight. Kai was the Technical Support Manager, Cineversity Live, and general C4D Know it all. The two of them are heading back to Vancouver Canada to pursue other options I suppose is how it would be said.

Kai’s presence at MAXON was one of the reasons I returned to MAXON in ’08. Being one of the few experienced riggers in CINEMA 4D, and him being in Newbury Park put him within a 20 mile radius. So he brought me in, we talked with Paul and got me back to MAXON.

I owe a lot to Kai for convincing(or at least suggesting) me to come back to MAXON. Number 1: it’s given me a few cool opportunities being back at MAXON. I’ve gotten to go to Siggraph twice, seen Wicked,  gotten to go to New York City. In addition to that, It brought me to Libby. So I owe a lot to Kai getting me back to MAXON.

A lot of fun times have been had at MAXON during what I will call the Pedersen Era. There have been Blood(from Air Hockey), Sweat(from Air Hockey and One Touch), and Beers(Poker Night) at the MAXON office after hours. I know he and Amanda(who’s one of the nicest people on the planet) will be sorely missed at MAXON, and Monday will be a very surreal day to walk into the office and see two empty seats, and to know  that they are like 24 hours of driving away.

With Kai and Amanda gone, it changes how technical support will be handled for a bit. My role has changed now because of it, for the better. So it’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new time at MAXON.

Kai and Amanda, I wish you both a safe trip and good fortune back in Canada. Hopefully Libby and I can go see you guys in Vancouver at Siggraph or something. Keep in Touch.

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