Feel free to contact me at: bretbbays at gmail dot com.

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  1. Henk Visser says:

    Hi Brett. maybe it will cheer you up to know somewhere in Holland there’s a bolt guy who is really a fan of your approach of the Rig tutorials in Cinema 4D. I did all the tricks as far as the tutorials reach, and I’m really waiting (per day!) to have the rig mirrored in the right way and have the priorities set in a decent way.
    When i try mirroring myself i get in deep trouble with the alignment and behavior of the hands and allready it takes me hours to find out what i did wrong.
    So at the edge of desparate i ask you to please finish the rig sequence ASAP .
    greetz !


  2. Sadly I’m waiting on someone else to be able to finish the rig properly. So my hands are tied until I get the finished version from Kai. It should be good though cause he’s doin a video on Priorities which are a bit of an enigma in Cinema 4D and I think the Taquito Rig will help clear some things up for people.

    …And yes, it does cheer me up that somewhere someone in the Netherlands(a place I someday wish to visit) is reading my blog and enjoys my tutorials :D

  3. Hi Bret. I don´t know if you read my reply to your blog post (The Struggle)…
    Well I wanted to add you to my buddy list in AM, but couldn´t find you… who´s your mentor?

  4. Shaun Freeman 2 was my mentor.

  5. Stuart says:

    Hi Bret,

    Hopefully you can help…
    I have been working on your Taquito Rigging Animation, I didn’t get far until I came to a problem that involved Xpresso. Being pretty useless at Xpresso, I feel I’ve hit a wall. I followed your instructions to the point but there was a part where you paused while you continued on and my rig is just not doing what you had it doing at the same point.

    I would leave a message on the Cineversity Forums but I don’t have Membership privelages (I am very poor :) ) and a friend gave me your rigging tutes for C4D R11, I’m very stuck.
    Is there any chance I could ask you to send me the final outcome of the Rigging so I can compare mine and learn from what I have done wrong please?

    Many thanks

  6. Hi Bret!

    Awesome rigging work on the “Alfred Character”. Super fast, stable & fexible!
    Are You available for freelance rigging?

    Best Andreas

  7. Thanks for the kind words. Orestis did all the face rig for Alfred. He too deserves much credit.

    Re Freelance: Yes I am. :)

  8. Well, this Time I build my own rigs, but perhaps next time I would like to commision you.
    I just don’t find any email adress here anywhere!

  9. Rodrigo says:

    Hi Bret,
    long time fan and fellow animation mentor student ( I am in class 5 now )
    I have a question; when I open the Alfred rig in r12, the jaw doesn’t work. It works fine in r11. your thoughts?
    Thank you

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