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Hey everyone. Sorry it has been so long since I have posted on here(2 weeks whaaaaat?). So I am finished with Class 3 of AM and last night I had my first Q&A for Class 4. My mentor is Ray Chase. You can check out his website here: He is a very nice guy. I look forward to this term. It’s interesting that we will only doing two assignments this term. That means I have to make it something that will keep my interest for more than 3 weeks now :) .

I’ve joined a Rugby Club. Its the Ventura County Rugby Club. It’s fun. If you live in Ventura County,  come check it out. We practice at the Thousand Oaks Recreation Fields, which are behind Thousand Oaks High School. Go ahead and check out There are directions and such if you need them.

Lastly, check this bad boy out. There was this cool JavaScript tool that you could take your rendered scenes and make rotatable interactive things on your website. Because I am not commericial, I can post it below. It’s a Burger you can rotate! I think it’s awesome. Check out


Also, Check out CINEVERSITY Live. It can be found at we are doing them bi-Monthly. So there’s one going on right now! Check it out. I’ll be in there sort of moderating. I’ve had about 7 tutorials go live in the last 2 weeks. I should lighten up, aye? haha. Cheers everyone.

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Sorry for lack of updates here. Truth is, I don’t live a particularly exciting life that warrants many updates here :) . Anyway, let’s see whats up. I recently bought The Wolf by Andrew W.K. It’s pretty good. It’s nice to complete the collection(albeit out of order). I think my favorite song on the Album is I Love Music.

Work has been pretty busy. I had a review which went well. Nice to hear they think I’m doing a good job. It has been pretty slow which is actually very good for us as we have a lot of projects that need to be finished up very soon which has lead to me doing a lot of Modeling. Whatever makes me a more well rounded individual I suppose, right?

I’ve been doing some bike riding which is nice. Actually, this week is the first week I have yet to go riding which is a damn shame. Perhaps I will tomorrow after church. I’ve mostly been riding in Carpinteria at a place called Thunderbowl I believe. It’s been fun. The last time was a lot of fun because we found a nice little run that lets me go down some hills and get some air which is fun(until I eat shit I’m sure).

Last weekend I picked up an interesting book at Michael’s Art store. I don’t know why I go there as It usually never has any painting things I want. But I was perusing the book section which allowed me to stumble upon “Keys to drawing with Imagination” by Bert Dodson. I have read his other book “Keys to Drawing” back in High School. This book is a very cool book. It has a lot of interesting ideas to making things more interesting. The very beginning of this book is pretty kickass. It lead me to create this:


It’s lead to a lot of nifty doodles with these patterns that I will probably try to incorporate into some paintings in the near future I think. Speaking of Paintings, I have been slowly chugging away at the painting of Kelly. Adding a Door, some Moulding on the Walls(which will probably get redone, and the foundation for some carpet. The carpet will be intereting and probably pretty difficult to get done. Not sure yet how I’m going to do it. But here’s where I’m at with it.


Tomorrow is the due date for my final AM assignment for Class 2. I’m not sure how satisfied I am with it. To be quite honest, I picked a dull idea and tried to make it look good. All that comes to mind is the old saying “You can’t polish a turd”. I think it’s ok, but I’m not into it at all because it just seems so…boring. Next week I’ll try to post the whole class’ assignments as I’m supposed to do that next week.

I saw Up in 3D today. You know what? It was pretty damn good. Very touching and sad at some parts, the gags were good. The 3D was BITCHIN. I haven’t been to a 3D Movie before(not to my recollection) and I thought that Pixar did a good job of not overdoing the 3D effects which yeah can be cool, but like…a lot of movies are made to be 3D, so they do stupid gimmicky things you know? Up was subtle and doing it that way I think it actually enhanced the look of the movie. So good job.

That’s about all I can think of. It’s past midnight and I feels like it was just 8PM. The night is gone. Crap. Oh well. Just gotta try to seize tomorrow.

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Some new posts. Hope everyone had a good St. Patty’s Day, I didn’t get to have a drop of the craythur at all, sadly. Oh well. Onto new news…


I know it’s been a while for some of you folks enjoying my Biped Rigging Series on Cineversity, things fell through and I ended up having to do the Priorities video myself which required my own learning of priorities in order to try and explain them. Anywho, it is now available for viewing at Cineversity so go enjoy that one.

Below are some sketches I’ve been doing. The first two are from the last two days, a couple doodles for this week’s Stu Pose at AM.



Below is a sketch I took a bit further because I liked the idea of it. I stopped before going too far. I may return to it sometime.


Last night I got to talk to my friend Karli and it was nice to tell her all the crazy painting ideas I have because she is interested in it and thinks they are cool. Almost motivates me to get cracking on some of them, except I’m just really FN tired lately, haha. Maybe tonight I will start one…that’d be cool.

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First off, for all you guys waiting on the rest of the Taquito Videos, here’s an update. Kai, unfortunately is quite busy these days, so he is unable to do the Video. Thankfully, the priorities for Taquito are quite simple. So simple, that I can explain them :) . So I have gone ahead and recorded the video for that one. Once that gets the A-OK I can get moving on the remaining 2-3 videos of Mirroring, Weighting, and Preparing for Animation. Be forewarned, The weighting video will not be very in depth. Weighting is a pain, and it’s quite boring, and it would make you catch qwertyitis(falling asleep with your head on the keyboard). So, it will not tell you HOW to weight, but it will teach you(hopefully) a few things that you can use to weight your characters, some tips and workflow suggestions and such.  The Animation one will be similar, just showing you some tips I use for preparing for animation that hopefully you guys will find useful. After that, I think I have a couple more tutorials in my brain to try out, but the Taquito Series should be done soon. I will try to get the priorities A-OK’d this week but those in charge of that are quite busy this week and next. But I will pester them for you all :) .

And lastly, here is today’s daily sketch. Done, probably in 10 minutes or so. This weeks pose at AM is Balance. And I immediately thought of a meditation pose(actually, I thought of me on a unicycle, ontop of a ball holding a pair of scales, but it didn’t pan out :P ). So I just took it a a limit, kept it loose and tried to add some color for mood.  I hope you enjoy.



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Oy, I hate days like today. Days where I have so much stuff I’d like to do, but I don’t do a damn thing.  I bought 3 new video games so that took up some of my time, what a mistake! Doh! Oh well.

I managed to sand one of those panels a little bit. I have a crappy Brush and it was losing bristles left and right. Weakness.

Anyway, here’s today’s sketch. It shows how I feel. How I am always bored with nothing to do yet I never see the things I SHOULD be doing. Bah!


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I’d like to start doing a sketch a day. It sucks that I have not been sketching at all lately unless I have to(for Animation Mentor for example). I was once a halfway decent sketcher. Now, I suck at it. To grow as an Animator and an Artist, I plan to try and post a sketch a day when possible(ie when I’m available to sketch). So doodles and then some will be going on.

This could in theory help me flesh out some ideas too which will be cool, but I’m just going to try to draw whatever I want. So…yeah, stay tuned for that.

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