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Today’s Post Title Comes from the song I’m currently listening to, which is Your Rules by Andrew W.K. and it is from his Album, The Wolf, which is a good album. I don’t think he has a bad album, every album is just different, and The Wolf is an interesting Segway from I Get Wet to Close Calls with Brick Walls.

Anyway, new business. Work has been crazy. Thankfully, last week was slightly less busy. We’ve been working a lot of Top Secret Really Hush Hush stuff. If I mentioned anything it would compromise our agents in the fields. :P .

No but seriously, it’s been very busy for like the last…month or so. I haven’t been able to do any Cineversity Videos since all of my projects for work have been with this secret project. We’ve also had an intern who was doing a lot of re-recording of old R9.5 videos to get them updated to R11. So I couldn’t do anything during that time. I think I recorded 1 video, and quite frankly, I don’t much care for it. I may scrap the idea and just do it here on my website as a tip instead. I have a lot of other ideas for tutorials. I have a lot of tutorials on particular subjects, like IK/FK Arm setups and more. But I’m also working on trying to get a enormous project series going with the help of Patrick Goski who is a MAXON trainer and a fine drawer. The idea is to take a character sketch then model, texture, rig, and possibly animate him as well. If he’s interested, I might have him help me out with some development for a couple of Animated Shorts I have. I have 2 ideas that I have been sitting on for 3-4 years now. I want to eventually see them come to fruition.

Now that school has started up, My paintings(and overall creativity) has stopped. Ahhh to dream that some day, I will be able to paint much more frequently and with some greater passion, but unfortunately for me, it’s remaining just a hobby. I hate how much the world fascinates me sometimes. There’s so much I want to learn but I’m not finding enough time to master them :D .

Speaking of School, Class three has begun. I NEEEEEEEED to get more involved. I am just sliding through and I gotta focus on #1. Getting My Animation Chops built up. and #2. Communicating more with my Peers as these are the people that will also help me get jobs by being the foot in the door(and conversely I will be doing the same for them). So It’s kind of good that I am putting painting on hold a bit. It will always be there when I need a break from animating and to just relax. So Class three, my mentor is Morgan Kelly. He is an animator for Dreamworks and so far he’s been pretty cool. He’s been at AM for a while and also at Dreamworks for a while.

So the class has 2 paths to choose from. You can choose to do 3 separate topics(very much like Class 2) where each assignment goes for about 4 weeks, OR you could do what is called an AnimJam. It’s basically 3 Assignments but they are all tied together with a theme. Morgan showed us this awesome example of an Animjam where it was Stewie escaping from Jail. The first shot was him moving the bed and crawling through a hole. The second shot was him swinging across some pipes and into a window. The 3rd shot was him coming in the window and then trying to run away because he was spotted, but he got tazed.

I have decided to do the AnimJam. My idea is to have a construction site. Shot 1 will be Stewie Lifting his bucket of Tools and then grabbing a Saw and cutting through a plank like a 2″x8″.

Shot two will be him trying to lift up the board to put it to use. The board will be heavy and cumbersome so it should show some good body mechanics. When lifting the board. He will accidentally knock over his tools off the building.

The final shot will show another Stewie hammering something, then some tools will rain down on him. The last shot isn’t totally hammered out yet(nice pun!). I’m debating having him dodge them all, but get hit by the bucket so it lands on his head, or maybe him see a tool hit, look at it, then get hit in the head(but with a hardhat on). He takes off the hat and looks like he is lucky to be wearing it, and then get hit with another tool going unconscious.

Still trying to hammer it all out, but I have quite a bit of time before I begin the 3rd shot(almost 2 months). Anyway, here is the rough blocking for my first shot.

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Sorry for lack of updates here. Truth is, I don’t live a particularly exciting life that warrants many updates here :) . Anyway, let’s see whats up. I recently bought The Wolf by Andrew W.K. It’s pretty good. It’s nice to complete the collection(albeit out of order). I think my favorite song on the Album is I Love Music.

Work has been pretty busy. I had a review which went well. Nice to hear they think I’m doing a good job. It has been pretty slow which is actually very good for us as we have a lot of projects that need to be finished up very soon which has lead to me doing a lot of Modeling. Whatever makes me a more well rounded individual I suppose, right?

I’ve been doing some bike riding which is nice. Actually, this week is the first week I have yet to go riding which is a damn shame. Perhaps I will tomorrow after church. I’ve mostly been riding in Carpinteria at a place called Thunderbowl I believe. It’s been fun. The last time was a lot of fun because we found a nice little run that lets me go down some hills and get some air which is fun(until I eat shit I’m sure).

Last weekend I picked up an interesting book at Michael’s Art store. I don’t know why I go there as It usually never has any painting things I want. But I was perusing the book section which allowed me to stumble upon “Keys to drawing with Imagination” by Bert Dodson. I have read his other book “Keys to Drawing” back in High School. This book is a very cool book. It has a lot of interesting ideas to making things more interesting. The very beginning of this book is pretty kickass. It lead me to create this:


It’s lead to a lot of nifty doodles with these patterns that I will probably try to incorporate into some paintings in the near future I think. Speaking of Paintings, I have been slowly chugging away at the painting of Kelly. Adding a Door, some Moulding on the Walls(which will probably get redone, and the foundation for some carpet. The carpet will be intereting and probably pretty difficult to get done. Not sure yet how I’m going to do it. But here’s where I’m at with it.


Tomorrow is the due date for my final AM assignment for Class 2. I’m not sure how satisfied I am with it. To be quite honest, I picked a dull idea and tried to make it look good. All that comes to mind is the old saying “You can’t polish a turd”. I think it’s ok, but I’m not into it at all because it just seems so…boring. Next week I’ll try to post the whole class’ assignments as I’m supposed to do that next week.

I saw Up in 3D today. You know what? It was pretty damn good. Very touching and sad at some parts, the gags were good. The 3D was BITCHIN. I haven’t been to a 3D Movie before(not to my recollection) and I thought that Pixar did a good job of not overdoing the 3D effects which yeah can be cool, but like…a lot of movies are made to be 3D, so they do stupid gimmicky things you know? Up was subtle and doing it that way I think it actually enhanced the look of the movie. So good job.

That’s about all I can think of. It’s past midnight and I feels like it was just 8PM. The night is gone. Crap. Oh well. Just gotta try to seize tomorrow.

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Title of this post goes to the song I’m listening to at the moment which is KISS’ Love Gun. I remember I heard this song at the very end of the VH1 Rock Honors when KISS was honored. I never knew the name of the song. I researched and eventually and I found it, which is good cause I think it’s a cool song.

Anyway, onto more interesting things. So, last Friday I decided to leave Sprint Finally for Verizon. Sprint…they dicked me over too many times and I had had enough. Allow me to sing you my tale…

The year was 2000 and 4, and I was a Senior in High School, 30 pounds lighter, and just getting involved with a pretty lady. She had a cell phone that had Sprint. Prior to that, I had thought Cell Phones were part of the societal problems in America. Too many little bastards looking at their phones and not paying attention. Well, I became a hypocrite, and bought a phone(but My theory was right as my cell phone is now my drug of choice). Anyway, my lady had Sprint, and so I bought Sprint. I think I had something like…200 Minutes, Nights and Weekends, then Unlimited Texting for 5 dollars, Unlimited Internet for 5-10 dollars, PCS to PCS for 5 dollars and maybe something else, I don’t remember, but it was a 2 year contract. All was well.

Well, in 2005, My phone died. Somehow it got wet, and I had to get it replaced. Fine and dandy as I had insurance. Now, you think they would simply replace my phone right? I mean they gave me THE EXACT same model of phone. So after I got it, I got a bill, and noticed I was paying a lot more…I got charged a lot because I had apparently gone over my 100 Text limit….but I had unlimited texting…

Turns out those bastards changed my contract WITHOUT notifying me. I called them up and got some rep who was reading from a script. I told her, “You guys changed my plan, I would like what I had, specifically I want my unlimited Texting for 5 dollars”. (Instead they had me on 100 text and Picture Mail…even though they knew I didn’t have a picture phone). She responded “We’ve never had unlimited texting for 5 dollars, sir.” So I pulled out a Bill from 4 months earlier when all was well and sure enough it said “Unlimited txt 5.00″. So I called her on it. “So you’re telling me, this bill I’m looking at for November of last year, Where it says Unlimited txt 5.00, you’re telling me this never existed?” “I’m sorry sir, but we’ve never had unlimited texting for 5 dollars.”

So I was fed up. Eventually, I got the unlimited Texting for 15 dollars, blah blah blah. All was ok it seemed. So that’ was 2005. Then I added texting maybe 1-2 months later in 05. My original plan was scheduled to end in 2006 mind you.

So Summer of 2007, I’m going to Europe for 6 weeks, and since I can’t use it in Europe, I don’t want to have to pay. Well I was told I could put it in Standby Mode which would just be like 10 dollars and then I turn it back on when I’m back. So I call in about it and they tell me, if I were to do that, I’d have to sign up for ANOTHER contract because the plan I had, is no longer available! So I asked them when my plan was set to expire? Didn’t it end in 2006 and I’ve just been going on since then? Nope! Oh that contract we signed you up on for 2 years when you replaced your phone, It ADDED 2 years to your previous contract and set it to end in 2008….Oh and remember how you added texting? Well that added another year. So they told me my plan would be up in June of 2009!

I was fucking furious with them, but fuck them, I was going to England. I will do my time and leave them. So Flash forward to I believe it was April 2008. I’m a senior in College now, graduating in about 2 weeks. I’m in the Vons on Moorpark road when I get a call. I pick up the call and it’s a very bad salesperson from Sprint. Bad because they were reading from a script and kept stopping and losing their place. Anywho, they told me that because I was such a loyal longtime customer, I was elligible for a free phone upgrade!(After only 4 years, wow!) So I sit and listen to the Schpeil for a bit before cutting to the chase. “Will accepting this phone increase my contract lenght?” “Well, yes, this phone does come with a blah blah blah contract”. I told them “Well, no thanks. I don’t want to increase my contract length, I’m planning on leaving when it’s over.” He kept trying over and over and I kept repeating no thanks, if it’s going to increase my contract.

Well the guy said he would talk to his manager, put me on hold and told me he could give me the phone with no contract extension. I made him reiterate that my contract would end in June of 2009. Nothing would change there, right? Right he said. So I took the phone, I activated it, I asked the person when I activated when my expiration date was. She told me I was still set for June 2009. When I added picture mail 3 months later, I asked again. I was told the same. June 2009.

So Flash forward to 2 weeks ago, May 2009. I signed online to check my account. I set it all up and I go and find it and it said “May 2010″. WHAT THE FUCK!? Was my reaction. I immediately called up Customer service and began to talk with them. “You received a new phone in May of 2008 and that came with a 2 year extension.”(NOTE the contract was NOT for 2 years when the guy first told me about the phone). I bitched him out and told him, No, I did not accept it. I was told by THREE different employees that my contract ended in June 2009. I told the guy who sold me the phone, the person who activated it, and one more months later. Why is it now suddenly 2010?! I was transferred to a manager, and she gave me a similar message and I was just letting her have it(NOTE But I always apologize to them, because I know these people personally arn’t doing this to me but their company frustrates me to no end. Being technical support myself, I hate when people put the blame on ME when I didn’t make the program crash. So I was very upset but I tried to still make it clear I’m not upset with the woman, but the company) that the company had dont this to me…3 times, extending my contract 4 years longer than ever anticipated without so much as informing me about doing so any of the times.

I talked with the manager and told her I was planning on getting out of the contract and that for the last year, according to Sprint employees, I was set to get out next month. She was quite helpful and changed it back to be June 2009(June 7th to be exact). Happy to know the end was near, on Friday the 29th, I went to the Verizon store by work and bought a plan, and a new phone. I am happy to be leaving. In fact, I’ve put in the port switch to keep my number so possibly tomorrow I will be officially done with Sprint.

I bought a Voyager and am enjoying it very much, although the battery life is a little low for my liking, oh well.

…So after all of that rant. Here is my Class 2, Week 9 Assignment in it’s linear pass. Lots of work to be done. It’s a guy running, falling, and  getting up and running away. The syllabus mentions texture in the animation. So I tried to vary it up with a slow lofty sort of run, he gets scared and falls, then runs away quicker. Trying to break it up you know?

Much more to do but here it is…

Tomorrow is 80′s night at Yamato Sushi. I’ll be there, but probably in 80′s attire haha. Have a good one and it felt good to get this off my chest.

PS-Ack! I haven’t painted in several days now. I need to get crackin!

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So, I took today off of work which is nice. I needed a day off. Not like a Holiday(whoo hoo for Memorial day on Monday), but like just a day off. So I took today off for a few reasons. One I was a bit burned out as I haven’t had a day off since October last year. The second reason was because I decided to work in Maya for this next Animation Mentor assignment, and I really needed to spend the time to get used to working in Maya(can’t say I like it still :P ). Third, Season 9 of Dragon Ball Z came out Yesterday, so I gotta watch that :D . I know it makes me a loser, but I don’t care.

So let’s see what else is new since Friday. Friday I went to Stuft Pizza in Thousand Oaks with some friends of mine to get some dinner before the Class of 2008 Reunion. So some Stuft Stix and beer was consumed before moseying across the street to Sunset Terrace at the Janss Marketplace. It was nice to see some old faces and stuff, see how people were doing and stuff. After a couple hours, we went to PJ’s right by Cal Lutheran which wasn’t quite as good, but oh well.

Then on Saturday I had to wake up really early and drive to LA to help my friend Karli as she was Art Directing this TV Show. Going to bed at 3:30 the night before and waking up at 7:20 didn’t make it enjoyable at all haha. The only good thing about it is that I could now say I’ve been inside a Porno studio, which…Is something unique to say the least haha.(And screwing with my friends making them think I went to star in a porno was fun too). After two hours of Traffic I was cursing all that was LA. I came home and worked on my assignment.

Then Sunday I went out with some new friends to Yamato Sushi in Camarillo. We went for Karaoke and drinks. It was nice to meet some new people. I ended up going out with them again last night, but left early as I wasn’t feeling all that great. But it was nice to see them all and say bye to Marissa before she goes to Australia.

This leads me to today. Today, I woke up at 9:45 which is a nice change from 8AM. I threw on some DBZ(which I bought yesterday thus completing both my loserdom and collection of the series) and got to work on my blocking for the assignment. It’s….coming along I guess. I’m on a break right now, watching my show and I also took my new, sweet ass bike out for a spin around the house…I really like it so far. Now, I’m going to go to Urbane Cafe and get me some club sandwhiches, and relax for a couple of hours, and maybe clean my brushes before going back to work. Today is a very nice day, just what I needed.

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Something I have been dealing with lately is how to unwind. Normally, you either work, and then come home to relax and get other things done, or you go to school and do the same. It sucks when you have both work and School.

The reason why it sucks is you can’t really relax. That’s what I am encountering lately. I wake up at 8AM, go to work at 8:20, arrive at 8:50, work from 9-5. Come home and from 6-11 I work on School stuff. It’s what could be called, a rut. I find it hard because, I want to well at Animation Mentor, but it requires a lot of work and a lot of dedication, and you have to keep at it otherwise you will continually doubt yourself. It’s always better to work ahead than to work from behind.

The problem is all the other things I like doing get hindered. I haven’t painted in like 2 weeks. I haven’t hung out with friends in like 3, and it’s because “I have homework”. I know I have to be diligent, so I keep at it. Weekends are the only real free time I get really, which is just not enough.

That always leads to doubt. It makes me think, “Do I have what it takes? Am I going to be able to get a job after this or is it another 18k out of my pocket to go with the many many other from CLU?” I cannot leave it up to chance! I gotta get up off my ass and work hard at this! I guess I need to stop coasting. I’m coasting all over the place you know? WORK! DO WORK! BAH!

This is a good insight to how my brain works. I have a good weekend, like this past weekend, I get excited, stoked on things, but then the week sucks. The week doesn’t go well. Not that it was a bad week, just that it was a dull week. Then I begin to doubt myself.  Then I think about busting my ass, and thentry to get motivated again.

I need to just ride high right now and live life. Life is a balancing act. Sometimes we just have work and home, sometimes we have many other things we are balancing. Today, I find myself balancing Work, School, Art, and trying to live life to the fullest.

Having said that, I ordered a new bike the other day…a GOOD bike. Not some piece of shit Wal-Mart Bike that I break after riding once….at least that’s what I am hoping :D . I bought a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc from Michael’s Bicycles in Newbury Park for 627 dollars total. Could I have found the bike for cheaper? Yes, but I went into Michael’s looking for some input on what would be a good bike for me. Mike is a good guy and was very informative and absolutely no pressure.  He informed me what a 6’3″ 250lbs man should ride.  Offered a suggestion close to my price range, and since he is a similar build, hearing that he himself has one and rides it was good. He told me they also offer free tune-ups for life which is nice.

So I went and researched a little bit online and found pretty good reviews about it. And decided to just pay the full price at Michael’s. I’m happy to pay a little extra for great service like I received there. That coupled with the lifetime tuneups was enough that made me go back the next day and buy it.

Now, the plan is to take my bike with Justin and go camping and biking. I’m pretty pumped about it. Anyway, I’m back in a good mood, and with tomorrow night bringing the CLU Class of 2008 1 year reunion, I think it can be a good night. Saturday I will be spending all day Helping my friend Karli with Art Directing a couple of Webisodes for a Show.  I better leave while I’m still feeling so positive. Gotta go take a shower and go to bed. Cheers

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Sorry folks. Been dragging ass on updates here. What is new. Hmm, Well I have just been working on things while I can. Juggling work, Animation Mentor, Painting, Working on the Ottoman, and trying to hang out with my niece and nephew while I can haha. It is a difficult thing. I don’t want anything to get left behind, you know? But unfortunately, I believe it is going to happen. Something has got to give.

I finally managed to take my Bike out for a serious spin this weekend. So I drove down to the Marriott in Ventura by the State Beach, and parked, and took my bike along the path from there all the way to Emma Wood Beach in Ventura. It was about 4 miles or so and then I made it about 2 miles back before I broke the stupid thing, grrr. That’s what I get for buying a shitty Wal-Mart Bike for 80 bucks I guess :P .

I’ve been working on my AM stuff and man I picked a tough shot this week. I have a drunken stumble. What I turned in on Saturday was crap though. The first half is good, bu the second half sucks so hard, and my Mentor knows it haha. So I spent yesterday redoing that half and it’s definitely coming in better. He had some good ideas which I am trying to implement now, but it’s tough because I have to do half of last week’s work and this week’s  work in one week. Oh well. This happens though, I go through a week of AM where I kind of drag ass and then a week were I try to get started early and things go well. Now if only I could do that ALL the time.

Lastly, I have managed to find some time to continue on with my painting of Kelly. I need some more models for some of my ideas that way when I’m done with this painting I have something to just get started on. I have some strange ones haha. So here is what I have been doing with the painting as I have started the process of glazing.


So I’ve laid down a light skin glaze as well as a glaze for the dress and hair. The problem is that this is very boring so far. I don’t want to just paint a black background like I always do, I want to try to make it more interesting. I mean that is why I added the knife. I was thinking of putting blood on it and her dress perhaps, but we will see. There has to be something dead I suppose, and then some kind of background which will take some time and thought as I have never really done and actual background before :/.

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Is Thursday Really almost over? Shit. I’m so far behind. I got a lot of work to do on my Animation Mentor Assignment and I haven’t uploaded anything for comments from my peers, I haven’t commented on my peers, I haven’t painted, blaaaaaah! It’s this damn cold I swear it. Stuffing up my nose, making me hate life. Oh well.

Instead of buckling down and doing all of that tonight…I’m going to go to the CLUFest show and then go bowling with some friends…It’s going to be tough cause I have a long way to go for my assignment and not a lot of time. I got bowling tonight, probably a barbeque tomorrow night, and Saturday I have an Alumni Rugby Match. So I guess I better get cracking right now.


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Man alive, have I been keeping busy. So this weekend, I was thinking I would get to travel down to San Diego to watch the CLU Rugby Team at playoffs since they went 7-0. However, I found out on Tuesday due to some reason’s I’m not sure of, something about a form being turned in late, that they technically had to forfeit some matches. Personally, I think it’s pretty much bullshit, especially since I heard that because they rescheduled for Occidental that if they hadn’t and just forced them to forfeit, they would get to go. I think fair is fair and if you don’t turn in forms, penalties can be handed down, but I dunno…I hope CLU still gets the League title this year, since as they beat every team fair and square, and of all the games I saw, CLU played a clean game whereas most teams do shit like hands in the ruck. Whatever, Knights can hang their heads high because you beat every team out there and whatever the league says doesn’t mean much since you settled everything on the field with legit players and everything. So congrats to you all, and Seniors, way to go out on top.

So, with not going to San Diego I suddenly had a wide open week/weekend. Animation Mentor Class 2 started. My mentor is named Shaun Freeman. He’s an Australian and a pretty cool guy it seems. Our first Q&A was pretty rough due to connection problems that he swears will be fixed next time. Our assignment this week is to film some video reference for a shot from a list. I have it narrowed down to either jumping and spinning 180, or taking a large side step. I’m about to finish it up now that I think about it. I will put it on here when I’m done.

It was a rather slow week at work which was kind of nice as it helped me finish up some work on a project I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here. I’ve been asked to help out on a Short Film called The Ottoman( It has been a very cool project as it has helped me meet some new people, make some good contacts and such. I’ve been working with 2 smart Cinema Riggers in Orestis Konstantinidis and Charles Wardlaw. It is nice to be able to bounce ideas off of them like I am able to with Kai at work. Those three are probably three of the top 5 riggers in Cinema 4D I would imagine(with the Wipix guys probably filling the final 2 slots). Anyway, I have been working on some Previs Rigs for 4 characters and the slow week helped me finish them(or so I thought). They are about 90% done. There’s a feature that has been giving me a shit ton of grief in that of Dynamic Parenting. I have 1 working solution for it(at least I believe it works.) but it’s not very useable as it involves animating on multiple controllers for a single arm which makes tweaking F-Curves next to impossible, but currently I’m just not able to make it work. I think once I have those done I’m finished with the previs rigs and can move onto other things(challenges).

Ontop of that, I have begun another painting of my peer student Kelly. I had primed 2 panels and was itching to get something on one of them. After battling some printer problems, I managed to get it started. It was of an image of her to really just test out the lighting. And the lighting is good so I went for it. I’m still working on the grisailles layer. I’m pretty pleased with most of it, except for the neck up(as is usual). I want to get it like perfect before I begin my glazing. Here is a slightly dated picture.


I’ve gone ahead and added a layer of burnt sienna on it…I think it was that color. I get it mixed up a lot. I just needed something to do besides wait. I’ve been trying to just work on stuff instead of being a lazy ass, you know? Which is good because it’s gotten me back into working on my F&@*ing woodcut. The 4′x2′ woodcut monstrocity I have been working on since May…the one I thought I would have done by June…yeah, that one. All my tools are dull and I can’t really afford new ones, so it’s a slow, painful, process, but I must keep moving forward.

So in an effort to not be lazy, today I helped my oldest brother move some heavy stuff to his new place, bought some Damar Varnish Spray, Finished that orangish layer on the new painting, slapped on a layer of Gesso on 2 panels(will sand then add another layer; do that 2 more times), and then worked on my woodcut as well as troubleshoot the previs rigs with Kai to try and solve some problems. We got one solved, but the Dynamic Parenting Problem still persists, grr. I also managed to chat with some people, and then take a trip to CVS for some bare necessities….ie a Coke Zero, A Miller High Life, and Some Drumstick ice cream treats ;D.

Tomorrow is Wrestlemania! Which means hanging out with some of my buddies and watching the PPV and just relaxing which is good because I literally worked almost non-stop for 2 days on those rigs and just worked on many things today, so I look forward to a lazy day with friends. Maybe I will break in my crappy 89 dollar wal mart bike tomorrow. I need to fix something with the rear brake as it is constantly rubbing against the tire…you get what you pay for I guess, but I’m going to give it a good shot before I give up on it haha. Maybe I will just take it down the hill and then ride along foothill, and probably just have to walk it back up the hill. Oh well. It’s good for you right?

Ok, that’s it…Take it easy!

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So, let’s catch up shall we? So this weekend…I think on Friday actually, I bought four more wood panels. I have a lot of ideas but no planning for any of them…story of my life…Something I am noticing in my work at animation Mentor is a severe lack of planning. I gotta work on that. I just am a very…I can’t think of the word, but I like to work it out in my head, which sometimes doesn’t really come out well but I like it. I have 2 lovely ladies interested in being models for me, but I have to come up with the ideas fully.

Today is the new start of Class 2 for Animation Mentor which means a new mentor, new students(well except my buddy Ting!). My new Mentor is Shaun Freeman and I am looking forward to the new term! Whoo Hoo!

And since last week had no homework, I managed do do a little bit of painting. I laid down an initial Grisailles layers without any feet and hands. Here it is. Adios!


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Some new posts. Hope everyone had a good St. Patty’s Day, I didn’t get to have a drop of the craythur at all, sadly. Oh well. Onto new news…


I know it’s been a while for some of you folks enjoying my Biped Rigging Series on Cineversity, things fell through and I ended up having to do the Priorities video myself which required my own learning of priorities in order to try and explain them. Anywho, it is now available for viewing at Cineversity so go enjoy that one.

Below are some sketches I’ve been doing. The first two are from the last two days, a couple doodles for this week’s Stu Pose at AM.



Below is a sketch I took a bit further because I liked the idea of it. I stopped before going too far. I may return to it sometime.


Last night I got to talk to my friend Karli and it was nice to tell her all the crazy painting ideas I have because she is interested in it and thinks they are cool. Almost motivates me to get cracking on some of them, except I’m just really FN tired lately, haha. Maybe tonight I will start one…that’d be cool.

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