Hello there! So…this is supposed to be the part of the website where you get to learn a bit more about me; who I am, what I like to do…and other useless information that will give you access to my brain, if just for a moment. So let’s start at the beginning shall we?

I was born a fat, deaf, yellow, baby. While that’s not entirely true, I used that line for an opening paragraph for one of my first classes in college. My professor thought that was such an interesting and wonderful way to open a story, so I continue to use it. The fact is I was only born a fat baby. I did develop Jaundice which often tints the skin yellow for a bit. Later, I developed and ear infection which required tubes in my ears not once, but twice. So slightly true.

I actually cannot remember any of that, myself(which I suppose is understandable since I was less than 2 years old). However, I honestly cannot remember much of my life. I blame my father. Not in one of those weird, like psychoanalyst kind of way. My father has a bad memory which I seemed to have inherited. Much of my early life is scattered in my brain with no real connection to a time. I often rely on my brother or mother, both who have amazing memories, to tell me when those events actually happened.

Getting back on track here, what got me into Art? This I do remember particularly well. My introduction to the Art world came from a non-traditional source…the comic strip. Back in the day, schools would have something I believe was called a book fair. Where they would have all kinds of books and you would beg your parents to buy you this book you’ve always wanted ever since you first heard of it 45 minutes prior. One of those books that I wanted was the Legend of the Stinky Cheese Man…I never did get that. However, my brother got a book by Gary Larson called, “Cows of Our Planet”.

In all reality, a boy my age(I believe I was in the 2nd grade) should not have been reading those books. Definitely More advanced than I was. Thankfully, I didn’t fully understand all of the jokes. The following year, I changed schools. It was a weird experience and I didn’t like it too much. I loved my 3rd grade teacher(still one of my top 5 teachers ever), but I was not very outgoing. Instead I sat in the far back corner of the class. As it turns out, I sat next to a bookshelf. I was a pretty bright kid, so I would get my work done fast, and then I would have free time at my desk. One day, I turned to the shelf and pulled out a book that shaped and changed my life forever. The book was called, “Scientific Progress Goes ‘BOINK!’” by Bill Watterson. I read that book a couple of times and fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes. I would later go on to buy nearly every book(and then the entire series when it came out).

What’s this have to do with Art? Well…Gary Larson would release a book called, “Weiner Dog Art” which had several spoofs of famous pieces of Art like Munch’s The Scream, and Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. Watterson’s work was intriguing because it was very deep, but beautiful and funny. He actually did a strip where Calvin had woken up and found him stuck in a cubist strip. He noted that the rules of perspective no longer existed. These two comic strips made me want to be a comic strip artist…let’s fast forward a few years now…

High School comes around. I began to draw some very crude comic strips. I unfortunately seem to have lost the earliest strips. But, if memory serves me(which often times it does not), it had to do with a flaming bag of poop or, it might have been a take on the “No Shoes No Shirt No Service” signs(Note, they never say anything about pants…). From I think late 2001 through March of 2005 I worked on a Comic strip called, “Insert Name __________<—Here”. The website, although hideous to look at these days, still exists at www.insertnameherecomics.com/index.php.

I’m rambling, but oh well. So by now I’m in college. I set only 3 goals for college: 1. Finish on time only 4 years; 2. Double Major; 3. Graduate Magna Cum Laude. I chose to go to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. I started my freshman year as a Bioengineering Major, and the rest is history…oh wait, no. Without ever taking a Bio class, I switched to Multimedia and never looked back. But, since I still wanted to have a double major, I added Computer Science at the end of my freshman year. I took two Computer Science courses, and decided I didn’t care for it too much. Actually, since getting into 3D I really wish I had stayed to learn some more programming but oh well. In my own time I will. So I dropped Computer Science and needed to be get a second major for my goals. Enter: Art.

It may have been a bit advantageous to try and finish ALL of my art credits in 2 years…more like a year and a half. But whatever. I began my art classes and I was enjoying it. I was encouraged to go further and further with all the different disciplines: Drawing, Ceramics, Printmaking, Sculpture, Installations, and Painting. If I had any regrets, it was that I didn’t get the full treatment for Sculpture. I had to do it as an independent study for it which was good, but not as good as it could have been. But It was what I made of it so it’s my fault. Anywho, so I graduated with a degree in Multimedia and Art.

Now, the thing is, while I love fine art, I love digital art as well. My love for digital Art came with a lovely film in 1995 called, Toy Story. There was just something so amazin so real about that movie. I didn’t sit and think, “This is some cool computer graphics”. I thought it was real. That’s what first got me hooked. The movie that made me want to BECOME an animator was The Incredibles. I distinctly remember sitting in that theater and being BLOWN away. The beauty of it all and the story, and the mannerisms, oy vey! So good. So after I saw that, I began to press towards becoming a character animator. That’s where I am right now, working up towards working in CG Animated films.

I prefer animated films to Visual FX because I like the process these films go under. I like that they can have a style to them. I love the creative development process that allow not only the characters, but also the whole environment in the film to evolve and grow. I love the act of taking a character and bringing him to life. Ultimately, I know my job is to make an actor out of that character. In essence I am an acting coach, and I’m helping the character/model act in a convincing manner that would make you not look at it and say “Oh that’s good CG”, but to actually make you feel what the character feels.

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