I don’t update this enough. Life does that sometimes.

Lately, I’ve been toying around with streaming via twitch.tv to help educate folks about rigging in CINEMA 4D. I just work on stuff I want to work on and people can come and ask questions and I can demonstrate stuff. I’ve done 2 of them now. This second one produced a couple of nifty little things I can share with the community.

The first is a skateboard rig(As me rigging a skateboard was the idea for rigging improv I did). The model came from Valentine Bertrand’s skateboard rig for Maya. So all credit goes there, not to me. You can download the skateboard rig and play around with it from here: CINEMA 4D  Skateboard Rig  It was rigged in R16, but it should probably work in older versions as well.

The second thing the night brought was a simple script I wrote to demonstrate some python for people watching. It’s nothing special but it might be useful to people. It’s commented to hell too so it should be easy to understand what’s going on. It basically takes whatever you have selected, and for each object selected, it will create a circle spline, and constrain the selected object to the circle spline. You can get the script here: CreateControlsForSelectedObjects

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