Now that I have a kid, I don’t have much time to work on my own projects. I still am doing freelance, and I am still working on The Ottoman short(which is coming along nicely, I will need to do a post soon for that). So my time dedicated to writing scripts and such is limited to when not doing some freelance, and after everyone else has gone to bed. However, sometimes the Mrs. takes the baby on an adventure without me, which  leaves me some time to write scripts during the day instead of late at night. So a couple of weeks ago, my wife took him and some friends to Disneyland, which let me work on a variety of different things which was nice. About the last hour before she came home I was really bored and had finished all my other projects. So I took to twitter to take some scripting requests. David Brown(@smuzzler) wrote back with some script ideas that would make his workflow faster and easier(something I am all about). So I kept whipping up scripts and he kept requesting ones during my time crunch which I am calling a Script Jam. Below are the results of the Script Jam.

ToggleScripts This is a set of two Scripts that will toggle the traffic lights of CINEMA 4D’s visibility in the editor or renderer between red and gray(default). One script will toggle them all to the same value ignoring individual values. The other will toggle individually, so if Object A Is red and Object B is gray, the first script would set both to be gray, and the second script would toggle A to be gray and B to be red.

Toggle Line Display This script will toggle the display of a display tag of an object between lines mode and whatever your global display mode is. So instead of having to do a global setting, you have it on a per object level. The first time you run it it will create the display tag and set it to be lines. Then it will toggle between lines and whatever your global setting is set to.

In addition to those scripts, I have also been developing some scripts for Cineversity. As of right now, I have 3 different packs of scripts set to come out soon. The first went out just yesterday:

Those scripts allow for pickwalking a rig or walking around your mesh’s topology via its points and edges. So it has both modeling and animation/rigging advantages. The component side is quite exciting to me. It opens a lot of functionality elsewhere like this video below which is a preview of some more scripts I aim to put on Cineversity very soon.

Weight Scripts Preview from Bret Bays on Vimeo.

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  1. HI Bret. Thanks for all the great info. Are these scripts available online?
    Aslo, I read in an old forum that there would be a version of tradigitools coming for c4d. Do you know anything about that? or any alternative for tween machine inside of c4d?
    I found a german plugin called no tweener but it seems it doesn´t work on r18. Any help would be very much appreciated. COngrats for all the great work

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