So with my new job I have been working a lot more in Maya. I can’t necessarily say I enjoy it just because I’ve been working non-stop in CINEMA 4D for the last…6 years? Anyway, I’m making my rounds with it, and I’m learning to get by with it. One of the things that’s really nifty is the ease of being able to isolate what you are looking at. In Maya, by default, if you select something and press SHIFT+I it will hide everything but that object. Nifty. However, for all that niftyness, you still gotta either go into the menu and turn it off, or deselect everything and hit the shortcut again. So I thought I could probably use that in C4D. So I made a little python script that does this.

In a nutshell, select your object(s) run the script. Boom, only those are visible. ┬áRun it again, everything is back to normal. If you hold CTRL and run the script, it will include any children of whatever you have selected. The other nice thing is that it should preserve all of your existing layers(see, internally, it’s doing this magic through layers), so when you de-solo everything, your layers are back as they should be. No Muss, No Fuss.

Well, maybe a little fuss. I think if you solo something that is being animated via a deformer, if the deformer isn’t active, the animation wont be either. You don’t lose your animation, it’s just not capable of scrubbing your animation until you deSolo. I think that may be a limitation.

Anyway, do what I did. Map it to SHIFT+I, and CTRL+SHIFT+I(did you know you can do two shortcuts for one command? Awesomeness) and use it at your hearts desire. Feel free to donate via the pay pal on the right if you feel inclined. Otherwise, enjoy.


3 Responses to “Solo Selected Script”
  1. Jose says:

    Hi Brets.
    First of all, thnx for share stufs like this.
    I have downloaded, I copied in the folder of Plugins in C4D, but it does not appear.
    I have loked for it everywhere, but I can’t find it.
    Do you know what is happened to me?

    Thnx again

  2. This is a script not a plugin. So it needs to go into your library>scripts folder. Then it will appear in the script menu under user scripts.

  3. Jose says:

    Thnxs xhisdudenessx.
    Ok. Now it’s working propertly.
    In Spain, we say….. The one who don’t know, it’s like the one who can’t see.
    Do you know what i’m getting at?.

    Thnx again.

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