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I have news. BIG news. News that ends one thing but begins another…

I’ve been selected to be part of the Walt Disney Animation Studios Talent Development program. I got a call on Friday, and could not believe it, and Monday afternoon, I found out I was offered a spot. The program is a 3-6 month paid mentorship/internship. It’s basically 3 months of mentoring, and if you do well, you get another 3 month period, and then if their is space at the end, potentially a job.

I’m surprised. I’ve wanted to be in Animated films for many years, and when I went to Disney’s Inspire Days back in 2010, that is where I wanted to go, so to be able to go there, is kind of mind blowing, even if it is just for 3-6 months. However, joining the program means I have to leave my current position at MAXON.

The whole thing is bittersweet. I want to work at Disney, but my whole professional, post-college career has been MAXON, so making that jump is weird, and sort of scary in a way.

I just wanted to say thank you to MAXON, namely Paul and Rick for giving me an internship back in 2005. Then for hiring me after the internship. Thanks to both of them and Kai for getting me a job in 2008 again. The shit hit the fan that year economically, and having a job out of college was pretty huge. Thanks for trusting me to handle some trade shows here and there, and for just trusting in me to get things done. I know a lot of my growth in rigging is due to Kai being there every day for me to pester with questions. Pretty much 100% of my python knowledge is because Rick let me pester him with questions. Without those two, I wouldn’t be where I am in this industry. I am who I am because of their mentoring. And Paul has been one of the most understanding, and helpful bosses ever. That is the Babb way, helping others when they can, and they’ve helped me out a lot, and taken me in as part of the family, and my fiance as well(although, she was more in the family first then I joined in).

The rest of the MAXON crew, thanks for the fun memories. I’ll always remember staying late after work for some sporting competitions. I can say that I’ve drawn blood and had blood drawn from playing air hockey. Never thought that happened, but I’ve seen it happen first hand. I was also a part of the destruction of that air hockey table. Then playing a REALLY stupid looking/sounding game, but all we had were balloons, and we made it work. Then the ping pong. A lot of that is due to mine and Andy’s competitive nature. So thanks for that Andy. It was a blast.

Thanks MAXON. You always ┬áThank you for everything. I wish you all the best. I’m sure I’ll see you guys around.

…Now onto the next chapter in life…

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