Here’s a couple of scripts I came up with this week. Both very simple, but very useful, so I thought I’d share them for folks to use/learn from. So I took a break from some other Python related things(in relation to templates and thinking particles) and thought I’d write up a little something about them and post them. Enjoy!


Extrude ‘Em All is a script aimed at those of you who work with a lot of splines. You probably have done the process of creating an ExtrudeNURBS, adding them all as children and turning on Hierarchical. Or Maybe you hit ALT+G to Group them into a null, then ALT+Clicked to create an ExtrudeNURBS as the parent(since it doesn’t work with multiple objects afaik) and turned on Hierarchical. Well, This is a bit simpler. Select your splines, run the script. Boom, they’re all a child of an ExtrudeNURBS with hierarchical turned on. Lowering the amount of time/clicks.


Group Each is a helper script I made while I was rigging a car. ALT+G(or the Group Objects command) is incredibly helpful. If done on a single object you get a parent null at the same location as it’s child. With multiple objects selected, it does the Average. It’s essentially the same as ALT+Clicking on a Null, but again, it doesn’t work with multiple objects, and sometimes, I don’t need it to do the average, I want each thing selected to get it’s own parent null. Now it can. Select your objects, run the script, each will get a null parent with the same name with “_algn” which is sort of my rigging suffix for a null that just rests at the same place as it’s child.

So have fun with them, maybe they are of some use. If you find them incredibly useful, consider dropping a little donation found on the right, but otherwise just try to learn some python from them.


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