Hello Everyone,

Since Python was implemented in R12 I’ve been working on an Auto-Rigging system. It was mostly done as a training exercise to learn various things in Py4D. It’s taught me A-LOT about python, now I’ve decided to share it with the community both as a tool for those who need a rig quickly, and as a learning device for people interested in Python, since I’m going to leave the code open for you to explore.

It’s released sort of as is. If you find glaring issues with them, I’ll try to fix it, but it’s meant to be as is because I am running low on time to devote to it.

So please enjoy and consider donating for the time spent working on the scripts and leaving it open for you and others to learn from.

The scripts and donation button can be found on the right side of the homepage.

A Video demonstration can be found at http://www.bretbays.com/b3Auto-Rig.mov

adjrigThis Image shows the Adjustment Rig that has been fit to a character

fullrigThe Completed Rig based off of the Adjustment Rig

You can download the B3 Auto-Rig Scripts from Here

If you feel they have been helpful, please consider donating.


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