So the weekend has passed, which did not lend itself to much animation work towards this shot, which is looking to become a bit of a short as my initial video reference puts this between 20 and 30 seconds long(oofta!) So because this is getting a bit unruly, I need to wrangle this idea a bit, and REALLY try to refine the idea. On the plus side, this gives me time to work out some rigging kinks(pun absolutely intended) with the hose.

So I did mention I shot a little video reference, but it is not of much use besides letting my mind run about what to do. The lighting was bad, I had to use a comforter as a hose, so it just won’t do. Hopefully on Sunday I can film some reference at my parents house where there IS a fire hose(mwahaha). So now in the meantime I need to nail down this story.

So the hook was “A firefighter with an unruly hose”. There’s a few different ways this can go, but the overall idea in my head is a guy comes in, struggles with the hose somehow, Tries to turn it on, doesn’t work, gets frustrated, discovers the problem and he gets shot off into the sky maybe flapping around.

So this can be broken up into several parts which I have called: Entrance, Preparation for Hydration, Frustration, and Adios. Each one of these is a section of the story. The buildup to the next etc. And each of them can really be handled in different ways, and how I handle each one really sort of affects the next. I have been wrassling with the first part since that is going to set the tone.

So I began writing things down. I wrote 3 ideas and I drew very tiny thumbnails(so tiny there’s no sense in trying to take a photo like before. I really could use a new scanner):

-Runs in and then the hose gets snagged causing him to nearly fall.
-Shows he is frantic. Leads to perhaps klutz-like behavior. Shows urgency, I mean he is a firefighter after all…

-Casually Walks in
-This naturally makes me think this guy is a dick. He is a firefighter, but he’s sort of cocky and arrogant. It leads to a buildup of humiliation so you get a nice pride then humiliation comparison.

-Shuffles in as if the hose is very heavy.
-The hose is heavy and he doesn’t actually walk in it’s more of a pull then shuffle, pull, shuffle. Good mechanics shot, but then he lacks some character.

So those are the sort of things running through my head. I need to do some video reference and maybe some more thumbnailing.  The hard part is trying to do this in my free time only.  We will see how this evolves, but I will take these ideas in with me when I do my video reference.

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