…Thankfully, doesn’t require any medical attention. No, the burning sensation I’m feeling is the urge to animate. I have been rigging or scripting stuff since like November I think. Basically, once CTN-X came and went, so did all my time to Animate. Be it work, freelancing, etc, I just haven’t had the time. It’s been rigging scripting. I’ve had to re-create the Face Rig for the Ottoman since Orestis has moved to Japan. That took some time, but was really good because now I can rig faces(painting weights for faces is another story). So, with my last piece of animation, I had a nice looking(although now it looks crappy) animation, I had no way to animate the dialog.

But, I have been snooping around, found a rig called Max for Maya, and I took his mesh, and have re-rigged it to CINEMA 4D. It’s not feature for feature, ┬ájust wanted a simple sturdy rig to animate with. And I think it’s about animation ready which means I need to do some planning.

I plan on documenting the process, hopefully more thoroughly than the last attempt(read: failure). So hopefully I will be on that very soon to satisfy that burning desire to animate something new.

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