I’ve been puttering around with Python as of late and I wanted to try to make a little script of something I find useful, which is to split joints evenly by a certain number. So I set out to make that script, and it’s turned into 4 scripts now.

The way it works is you select the two joints you’d like to insert the joints between(check the demo movie). Then you click on any of the scripts to execute.

SplitJoints3.py-This will take the selected joints and divide it into 3 joints(although it’s really just inserting 2 more joints, but now it’s visually 3 joints where it was one before)

SplitJoints4.py-This will take the selected joints and divide it into 4 joints

SplitJoints5.py-This will take the selected joints and divide it into 5 joints

SplitJointsCustom.py-Opens a little window for you to specify how many joints you want, up to 100.

Below is a Demo Video and the scripts for you to enjoy. Unzip them into your User Preferences Folder under Library>Scripts.

Easiest way to install, open R12, Choose Edit>Preferences. Click the button that says Open Preferences Folder. This should open your Preferencs folder. Go into Library>Scripts. That’s where these need to go.

Thanks to Rick Barrett, Charles Wardlaw, Sebastien Rath, and Per for their help along the way.


You can download the script from the CGTalk Thread:


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