Hello again. So let’s catch up on life shall we?

Two weeks ago, I went with my parents and my brother back east to the village of Pulaski, NY to attend the funeral for my Grandparents. It was a good trip. We stayed at a place called Brennan Beach which is right on Lake Ontario. I gotta say, having seen Lake Ontario up close, I can understand why my mom and other New Yorkers call lakes here in CA ponds. The damn thing is HUGE! It literally looks just like the Ocean, even with some waves.

Anyway, I got to see my Cousins, Hank and Katie, and my Aunts and Uncles, and 2nd cousins and such. It was a good service, I was tearing up and my bottom lip was quivering the moment I sat down. I tried to keep it together, but I didn’t do so well when I saw the urns. They have a stone in the Pulaski Cemetary near their friends of many years and other family members.

We went to The Elms golf course for the celebration of their lives and my mom and her sisters scattered their ashes on the golf course they were both so fond of.

Once I returned home, it was busy busy busy as MAXON Released R12. So we have been busy making tutorials for 12 days of CINEVERSITY. I’ve got 4 up there now, 1 on the new Camera Deformer, and a 3 part series on rigging a Marionette with Dynamic Connectors. Check them out if you like.

In the meantime, I have also been working on the Ottoman Project, we are close to being able to say the Rigs for the characters are done. We’ve rigged up the hero Character and have been working on his clothing for the time being but the actual body rig might be done. So soon perhaps I might be adapting the rig to some of the other characters.

I’ve set a bit of a goal for myself to Animate 3 scenes by Christmas(think of it as a little present for my demo reel I guess). So that gives me more than 3 months for 3 shots which should be plenty. Now it’s about finding the time to do it. I’ve been working on a rig for these shots and it’s almost done, and then I have to think of ideas for the shots. I’ve also been doing some walk cycles as of late which I will be posting sometime soon hopefully. ┬áBut I need to make sure I come up with ideas and make it happen. I can’t sit around waiting for animation studios to knock on my door. I need to make things happen.

If you have any ideas(I’m thinking like 5 seconds long max) for shots please let me know. Hopefully I’ll post a demo of the rig soon as well.

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