So I’m in an interesting spot at the moment. I have about 5 weeks until SIGGRAPH which means, I need to get all of my stuff ready for the job fair. One of my mentor’s final suggestions was to keep animating and keep it simple, 3-4 seconds, and to explore. So I plan on doing just that(with sporadic breaks for playing Red Dead Revolver). And I thought, I should document the whole darn thing.

So Part 1 is preliminary and planning. So first let’s think about the idea. I had wanted something that would be simple. Not looking to do a dialog, not looking to do a wordy monologue. And, because of technical limitations(my poor laptop’s battery is shot) it makes an interesting(to me) body mechanics shot for now. So, simple, one line. Ok. That is the idea.

Next thing I did was decide, “Do I want to try to find a movie quote?” which I said yes to. So I went looking for something simple. But, alas, it was kind of a pain in the butt to find one. I had an idea based off of a line I kept saying to myself which was simply, “Wait, what?”.

These are two words but there’s a lot of flexibility depending on how you say it. Then I started to drink a glass of water and say it. So I got up off my butt and began to record it using Quicktime and my laptop.

So the premise, A guy hears something chokes, and says “wait, what?” in an effort to clarify what he just heard. In my head I think the character hears “I’m Pregnant”. I may have to have Libby record that line for me.

So I have the premise, I have the video reference with a few different acting choices. I’m partial to the one where he(I) choke. So I have an idea of my approach for the shot.  Great! So the gears are turning, and I have a direction I want to go. Now it’s just time to go do it!

That I think will do it for this Part. More to come later as updates are of interest, but I would like to truly document the process because someone might like it. But for now, I am going to go watch Game 7 of the NBA finals. Not because I’m a big basketball fan, but if the Lakers win, I will not watch Basketball for 2 years, this was a silly bet I made. I did this once before on the NFL…it didn’t turn out well.  Remember when the Patriots almost had the Perfect Season?…Yeah, well, I said if they lost I wouldn’t watch the NFL for 2 years, but my clause was not until Brett Favre retires. So I haven’t served my punishment yet. For the NBA one, the clause is if Steve Nash is in the Finals I will watch then because I’m a big Steve Nash Fan.

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