Tonight was the final class of mine at Animation Mentor, which means I’ve completed 18 months of schooling at Animation Mentor. 18 Months, holy cow that’s a long time. It’s both very long and short. So much time has gone into this and a lot has been put on hold while I work on learning.

Around class 3, I had to really start devoting the necessary amount of time to AM and making my work better. So I had to stop things like Painting, Printmaking, and Video Games. Evenings were lost working diligently on homework(Between 2-10 hours in a single evening).

Well, now that it’s all done, there’s so much more possibilities. Painting is hard because I can only do it when I go home, but you bet your ass I am going to…and I already did :D . I whipped up a little gift for my Girlfriend. She has a thing for those Paintings that look like an Image with the Threshold cranked up in Photoshop. This was a good one to start with because it required only one color and very little decision making. Below is what I came up with after 2 hours of work. It’s based off of a photo at Conejo Valley Days, Worked in Photoshop, Smoothed a bit in Illustrator, Printed on a transparency, ┬áprojected, traced, then painted in(cheating I know, but deal with it).


It’s kind of funny. Since I’ve turned in my homework last weekend, I’ve had a few days with no homework or anything and I find myself not knowing what to do. So I hope to do some more drawing, sketching etc. I will take a little breather for a week or so. Work on things for The Ottoman, and a personal rig for a character I have thanks to Patrick Goski. I also will be purchasing Red Dead Revolver. Then this weekend, I will venture to Vegas for the Midnight 7′s Tournament with the Outlaws, and then immediately after I will cruise up to R-Ranch for a nice little vacation with my family. It will be the first time my Niece and Nephew will go.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the following people: My Mentors-Joe Mandia, Shaun Freeman, Morgan Kelly, Ray Chase, Randy Haycock, and Kenny Roy. You all helped shape me, and get me started in this path. You all were helpful in many ways. Dimos for being like a mentor to me and offering tips if I asked for them. MAXON, namely Paul and Kai, for helping either financially or just allowing me to work on my homework in my free time and off days and just being a solid place to work. Libby for being understanding when I you wanted to cuddle and I had to work on homework and just for being super supportive and awesome.

Now that I’m done it’s time to relax, catch my breath, and get back to doing some more animations.

…But I think I will spoil myself with Red Dead Redemption tomorrow to occupy my time during this break. :)

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