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It’s hard to believe I only have 4 weeks left at Animation Mentor. Four weeks and I complete the 18 month program. It is bitter sweet. On the one hand I think I’ve learned a lot, I think my skills have greatly improved. On the other hand, I’m still unsure what or where I will be after school.  However, I cannot wait because the ammount of time I have spent working on homework has been insane. It’s basically eliminated any sort of fine art time I used to have. So I look forward to getting back into more drawing, painting, and printmaking in the near future.

Ultimately, I wish I heard back from Disney about the Talent Development program. I doubt I made it, but closure would be cool. I just would like to know what my next step in my career is, and where it is. le sigh

Sevens starts next month as well. In fact, the day after my class ends, Sevens begins! Be sure to check out if you are interested.

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