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I found out yesterday that my Grandfather, whom I have known simply as Pumpy my whole life, passed away on May 20th, 2010 at the age of 91. Pumpy died due to complications with his lungs thought to be lung cancer or mesothelieoma. Pumpy had a lot of problems but he didn’t let people know about them for a few reasons. For one he did not like doctors, and for two he was more concerned for his wife Loretta who has not been doing well with her health either in recent years.

This news has been a bit of a shock for me, since I only heard about his lung problems about 2 weeks ago, so it seems like it all happened so fast. Then consider that no one in my family thought Pumpy would be the first to go. My Grandmother has been having problems and bouts with pneumonia for the last couple years, and has been written off to not make it through the night at least 3 times. Through all of her problems Pumpy stood by her side. It’s such a shock that he has died.

Pumpy was everything a man should be. He built his own house, was a great father, grandfather, and husband. He and his wife had been married for 69 years. It would have been 70 later this year. He was an avid golfer, playing probably up until he was 89, he was 91 when he died. A very talented muscian, he played the guitar, banjo, mandolin, pretty much if it had strings I bet he could play it. I remember one time in Florida he took out a Banjo and started playing Frank Sinatra for my brother and I. He had a ton of instruments. I remember at his house in New York(I absolutely loved that house) there were I believe 13 cases for various stringed instruments.

This news has hit me and the family hard. We are able to take solice that his passing was very peaceful. Left behind is a legacy of a great man, father, husband, and friend. I was talking with my Mom about him and she told me what a great guy he was not only to his family, but to those around him. The part that is so sad, is that both of my grandparents lived on the East coast as long as I have known them. Most of it spent in Pulaski New York, the last several years have been spent in Florida. I know they wished they could have come see us more. We are the furthest from them here in CA. We would often see them at my Aunt’s in Vegas after Christmases, but I know they wanted to be around us more, and I wish they could have.

The last time I saw both Grandma and Pumpy was in September of 2008, when they made what we all figured would be their(mostly Grandma’s) last trip out to see us all. Grandma got sick so we didn’t get to see much of her until the night before and day we left. I got to spend some time with Pumpy and talk about music and such. He was a rhythm guitarist when he played and I think he was self taught. Grandma got out of the Hospital the night before we left, and they were staying in the Suncoast with us, so we went and visited them both.  Then the day we left, we brought Liam and Alice so they could see their great grandkids. They had seen Liam 2 years before when he was only a few months old, but never Alice. So they got to see both of them which was great.

God wanted you to come first because you needed to build a nice place for you and Grandma.

I love you Pumpy.

I’ll miss you.

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It’s hard to believe I only have 4 weeks left at Animation Mentor. Four weeks and I complete the 18 month program. It is bitter sweet. On the one hand I think I’ve learned a lot, I think my skills have greatly improved. On the other hand, I’m still unsure what or where I will be after school.  However, I cannot wait because the ammount of time I have spent working on homework has been insane. It’s basically eliminated any sort of fine art time I used to have. So I look forward to getting back into more drawing, painting, and printmaking in the near future.

Ultimately, I wish I heard back from Disney about the Talent Development program. I doubt I made it, but closure would be cool. I just would like to know what my next step in my career is, and where it is. le sigh

Sevens starts next month as well. In fact, the day after my class ends, Sevens begins! Be sure to check out if you are interested.

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