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I just wanted to point out that Dimos Vrysellas, is a fantastic guy, Thanks a lot for the feedback, man. It means a lot.

He’s also a very nice guy with apparently 9 lives. I wish him a speedy recovery from your accident, and I hope you can repair/recover your Vespa, man.

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Oh man, I haven’t updated my blog in over a month. Allow me to recap all that has happened. March came and went, and aside from some Rugby, I don’t remember too much. I did go to Disneyland with Libby which was fun. I hadn’t been there in probably 5 years. I hadn’t ever been to California Adventure either, so that was a cool experience. Woody’s Roundup is badass and I highly recommend it for everyone.

I have finished Class 5 at Animation Mentor. I am now in Class 6 with Kenny Roy. Class 6 is the polishing class. So I just put in probably 36 hours on homework this past week! Remember, I work a full time job too! Oy vey! But it looks like it’s paid off for one of my shots I think. As I write this, we begin week 3.

Rugby has been going very well. The Ventura County Outlaws have completed their regular season and the team went an impressive 10-0 in their first year as a club. Playoffs begin on the 24th of April with the Championship being played on May First. Currently, with VCRFU in first place, they have Home Field Advantage, and it would appear they are going to play the San Diego Armada this in the first round of Playoffs.

I did not get to play on Saturday(Which was a win, 105-0 against the Armada at home), because I was a groomsman in my good friend Mike Hartnell’s wedding. The wedding was held at the Adolfo Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo CA. The ranch is a beautiful place with a nice Victorian Ranch house, Barn, and HUGE garden/front lawn. Congrats Mikey on the marriage! I wish you all the best!

This past Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to check out Disney Animation Studios in Burbank as part of Inspire Days. The day consisted of several speaker panels on various topics from Creating and Developing a Story, Making/Animating Appealing Characters, EFX, Internship programs, and recruiting and stuff. It was really a blast, I was able to go as part of Animation Mentor, met some fellow AMers which was a blast, and I even got a reel critique from an animator at Disney. I got a tour of the place as well which was cool and I briefly got to see my mentor last term, Randy Haycock.  It just was awesome. It really made me want to work at Disney…but their program for graduates isn’t up :/. Oh well. Maybe next cycle.

While at inspire days I got to see some exclusive looks at the new movie, Tangled which looks really good. I liked what I saw a lot.  Well, I think it’s about time I get ready for bed here as I have been up til 3AM too many times this past week and I have work tomorrow.

PS, if you’re at NAB this week go say hello to some of the people from MAXON for me.

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