I ate too many chicken tenders. Blah.

It’s been a while. Class has been going pretty well. We’ve moved onto our 2 person dialog shot and I have a pretty solid bit of dialog from It’s Always Sunny and a good setting. We’re in the blocking stages right now. The weather here has been rainy. Rugby is still cruising along. We are now 5-0 sitting on a bye week, then we travel to San Diego and then 2 more weeks off. I dig it. I could use the cardio but my shins could use the break.

I’ve been working on a couple of rigs, and I think one of these days I am going to have to create a rigging demo reel. I get some offers thrown my way because I get some referrals from people, but I think no one believes me because I don’t have any sort of reel. Maybe after the Ottoman is done I will have something.

Speaking of that, I’ve been working on the final, production rig for the short, and I am pleased to say I am almost finished with it. I have been working with Charles Wardlaw implementing what he wants and once I get some mockups from him, I should be finished…except for weighting the stupid thing….have I ever mentioned I hate weighting? Anyway, I am going to dive into some python probably to help simplify the rigging process as I have to create rigs for 4 main characters and then all of the extras too.

Anyway, that is all. Not a whole lot to report. I’ve been sick for a week now. It sucks. I’m not prone to headaches normally and I’ve been getting them repeatedly. Lame. Ok adios.

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