…That’s what I would have said had I posted this 7 days ago. So a quick update on life in the 9 minutes I have waiting for a download before going to Rugby Practice.

Started Class 5 at AM, which means A year ago at this time(I believe it was the 4th…) I just started AM. It’s hard to realize that I’ve been at AM for a whole year, with 6 months still to go.

My mentor this class is Randy Haycock who if you grew up in the 90′s you probably loved every film he worked on. Aladdin, Lion King, Tarzan, total Animation Badass. I hope to learn a lot from him. He seems like he will be a tough grader, but hopefully it just drives me to do better.

Rugby has restarted and we have our first match This saturday in San Pedro. Then, my birthday is Sunday, as well as my niece Alice. That should lead to a fun weekend.

The connection in here is not the best, otherwise I would show you where I’m at so far with my shot, which is a continuation of last class’ final shot, but focusing a bit more on the lipsync and facial animation for the acting bits. I showed Kai today and he thought it was looking pretty good(and we’re only supposed to be blocking). So hopefully, I will show you tomorrow or something.

Stay Frosty,

PS-I have still been looking into the Rigging DVD, but school comes first for now, but It’s definitely been on my mind. Still looking for ideas on what to cover.

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