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Man, it’s hard to find time to update this with Work, School, Rugby, and a girlfriend haha. School has been ok so far. I got a pretty good critique last week, but it required a lot of re-work. I think I’ve managed to get it close but I had a short week and so I had limited time to work on it, but I think given the ammount of time I had I did pretty good I think. Awaiting this weeks critique hoping it’s good eek!

Work has been ok. It’s been a little busy. I just recorded a tutorial about a clavicle/Scapula setup that Kai taught me before R11 came out. I’ve got a few more tutorials in the que to do.

Rugby season has started! Whoo! Because we are a new club we are are in Division IV which is the lowest Division. There are 5 other teams in the division. We started last weekend in Long Beach against a newly formed Team called the Long Beach Waves which I believe formed from the San Pedro Rhinos. They are a big tough team of big islanders. In our first match of the Season we managed to pull off a 10-5 win. This weekend we traveled to Vegas to play the Maoris. So some of us came up early on Friday and others came on Saturday. Libby and I went up on Friday and stayed at the Rio. It’s a nice place to stay really. We went to Stack(Best Burger ever), then played some Blackjack at the Mirage before Meeting up with some of the guys on the Team where we went to Oshea’s for some beers which was a lot of fun. Then Saturday we played the Maoris, another set of big Islanders, but we played well and won handily. Our pack is pretty solid, I think we won all but 2 scrums. That means Offense and Defense, and we didn’t lose any of our own scrums.  At half-time it was 29-0 With trys by Cox, Koto, Marcus, Myself,  and Hector.

We started the second half and Rubin scored a try. Then, we brought in some subs, and unfortunately, one of our subs Jeff got tackled oddly by a much larger guy and It looks like he broke his fibula. It was truly a shocking and sad moment. The Maori’s thought it best to just call the game over at that point since it was so one sided, they did not want to see anyone else get injured. EMT’s were called and Jeff was taken to the hospital. I have not heard much else from him or the extent of his injury, but I want to wish him a speedy recovery. It was a jolting moment to hear someone screaming in pain. It reminds you this is a tough, dangerous sport.

After the Match the Maoris had us over at a nice little joint called PT’s for the social. Bunch of nice guys they were. I always enjoy playing with fun nice guys. It was suggested by Marcus that we all must shoot the boot since this is a new club. So at PT’s, Cox, Ruben, Myself, and Nick all shot the Boot(Nick had scored against long beach), leaving Hector, Koto, and Marcus to shoot the boot next week at home.


Me shooting the boot. Paulie Cheering them on. Rugby is a blast. We got a home game this coming weekend.

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…That’s what I would have said had I posted this 7 days ago. So a quick update on life in the 9 minutes I have waiting for a download before going to Rugby Practice.

Started Class 5 at AM, which means A year ago at this time(I believe it was the 4th…) I just started AM. It’s hard to realize that I’ve been at AM for a whole year, with 6 months still to go.

My mentor this class is Randy Haycock who if you grew up in the 90′s you probably loved every film he worked on. Aladdin, Lion King, Tarzan, total Animation Badass. I hope to learn a lot from him. He seems like he will be a tough grader, but hopefully it just drives me to do better.

Rugby has restarted and we have our first match This saturday in San Pedro. Then, my birthday is Sunday, as well as my niece Alice. That should lead to a fun weekend.

The connection in here is not the best, otherwise I would show you where I’m at so far with my shot, which is a continuation of last class’ final shot, but focusing a bit more on the lipsync and facial animation for the acting bits. I showed Kai today and he thought it was looking pretty good(and we’re only supposed to be blocking). So hopefully, I will show you tomorrow or something.

Stay Frosty,

PS-I have still been looking into the Rigging DVD, but school comes first for now, but It’s definitely been on my mind. Still looking for ideas on what to cover.

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