With free time now, I aim to do some painting. Here’s what I plan on painting:


It’s a picture I took when my girlfriend and I went camping at the beach a bit ago. I just really liked the shot and so with some slight Photoshop work for some color correction and cropping, this is what I plan to paint. I think I should give a step by step of how I paint. So here we go(I make no promises I am any good).

So first I find an image, which I have done. Next, I will convert the image to Black and White. I bought a transparency projector last year, so what I do is I print the black and white image onto a transparency and then I use the projector to project it onto the canvas, because I was taught to paint big and quick, this is a great way to do it.

I like painting on wood panels because they are super easy to handle. I just run to Home Depot, OSH, or wherever and get a 2×4 foot piece of birch plywood. It’s thin, and pretty smooth so it makes for a good painting surface. I bring it home and I lay 3-5 coats of Gesso on it. SAND BETWEEN THE COATS! I used to be lazy and not sand, but you can see the brush strokes and it’s basically ruined a painting(to me at least) that I did of my friend’s at their wedding and I have no desire to re-do it now because I was so far along. So do sand, you want a nice smooth surface to paint.

Now, when you project onto your panel you need to make a conscious decision, amd I going to paint it like the old masters with a Grisailles layer, or am I going to wing it? If this were more figurative related, I would go the Old Masters route as I was taught, but I’m looking at trying out some new things, so I won’t be doing that. So when I project the Black and White image, I’m mainly using it to find the landmarks of the painting, and sometimes, if I don’t think they will be clear enough, I will just add some solid black lines in photoshop to make sure they exist on the transparency. When I’m winging it like this, I will trace the image with a pencil. If I was doing a Grisailles, I would use paint with some Paynes Gray(Grey?) and Titanium White.

Another hand trick for those artists who are not afraid of Photoshop is to make some Swatches so it’s easier to match colors, see the image below:


I’ll print this out and have it beside me to easily try to match the colors. It helps me get some of the main areas I need but I don’t follow it strictly.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, I will begin this painting today which will probably consist of tinting the panel to something other than the white Gesso, or I might just dig in. Who knows. But I’ll try to document what goes on and write about it. I was thrown a curveball when my Power cord on my laptop started sparking, so I was out of luck, but thankfully I made the images here at work, and will print them at home.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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