That’s how long it has been since I posted on here again. Bah! Sorry about that. I have just had nothing to really comment on I guess. I lead a dull life. But I will still tell you all about it now…

I bought Assassins Creed 2 and it was pretty good. I won’t spoil it for anyone. I would recommend it. It’s great improvement since the first one.

I also bought Modern Warfare 2 which is alright. Cool story so far. The split screen Multiplayer(offline) is fun. The new Special ops mode is cool. I dig it.

My girlfriend turned me on to P&L Burger in Thousand Oaks. It’s got an excellent club sandwhich, which is my fav.

I have finished my 4th class at Animation Mentor. It was tough, and I’m very very happy to have about 3 weeks off from class. Here is my final assignment.

MAXON had it’s annual Christmas Gathering/Gift Exchange. This year we went to MB2 racing which was fun. We also played the largest game of Single Touch which I may or may not have explained on the blog, but it’s a simple principle with a balloon but a complex rule, that is known as the level or reasonablity. More on that some other time. I managed to walk out of the Gift Exchange with a bottle of E&J Brandy with a Flask…I do not like Brandy, but the flask is sweet :) .

Progress on the Rigging DVD has been slow. Many other things have been occupying my time. Plus, now with the break from Animation Mentor, I would like to do some Artsy things like Painting or Sculpture.

I made a pretty cool rig which I hope to be able to share with people in the near future. It’s a pretty good rig so far. Needs some Facial rigging which Orestis Konstantinides(possible spelling error) is handling, be on the look out for it.

Oh dang, it’s also almost Christmas. I’m sad to say, I don’t look forward to Christmas anymore. It’s kind of nice because of my niece and nephew get to enjoy it, but I don’t. Christmas Morning is just like an hour and a half upstairs where we make a mess and I go back into my room(lately, 2 gifts, and some chocolate later). It’s lost all of it’s shimmer. there’s nothing to anticipate it would seem, so I am just kind of just like…I dunno. I dont like how it’s become.

Hopefully I can get a painting prepped and ready to go this week. that would be awesome. Cheers!

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