First off, Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day. Things I’m thankful for:
-Being Alive
-My Friends
-My Family

I know it looks weird, but seriously, McDonalds is dependable and there when you need it. It was there for me on Thanksgiving(my Thanksgiving dinner happened on Sunday when Liam and Alice were here). MickeyD’s was also there in Venice when it was raining and no one would let us without buying food. It was also there in Naples when we needed something to eat for cheap, in Versailles when I couldn’t speak any French. It’s always there for me even though I don’t much care for the food(I do love their breakfast though).

Anywho so, I’ve been puttering around with the Rigging DVD idea. So many possibilities are available, so I’ve had to sit and think about what I would like to teach, what I think I could teach, and what people want/need. So I’ve decided to do a Basic Rigging DVD to help get the basics and foundation. Somethere where at the end, you would have a solid easy to animate, quick rig, that should suit most needs and teach you the tools and some of the theory behind rigging. So now I’ve been working on what to cover. I think there needs to be a blend of Understanding how things work, and understanding what it is exactly you’re doing. So I’ve been thinking about some of the tools, tags, and objects that I would cover. Here’s what they are right now:

-Joint Tool
-Weight Tool
-Mirror Tool
-Joint Align Tool(Probably not)

-Skin Deformer
-Joint Object

-Constraints(PSR, Aim, Up Vector mainly)
-IK Tag
-IK-Spline Tag
-Weight Tag

*Might not add them as I want to show Rigging without MOCCA stuff(maybe).

Those are the list of objects/tools/tags that I would try to explain the settings, and the concepts behind. Then, we’d obviously go ahead and rig a Biped of course, but I want to teach the tools and theory behind some rigging stuff first so you have a good foundation.

Let me know if you have any more ideas of what you would like to see in a CINEMA 4D Basics Rigging DVD.

Also, let me know if you’d rather have an actual DVD or a Download as I’ll eventually need to plan for that stuff as well.

4 Responses to “Rigging DVD Update”
  1. Doug says:

    Hey Bret,

    Very interesting, I’m an alumni at Animation mentor !!! And I’m in love with cinema, after I finish AM I wanted to learn a bit about rigging and stuff, so I can start to make my own movies, and not just animate the others rig… So I’m learning a lot from forums etc, So far I could do almost everything with my rigs, but I couldn’t make a facial rig like the ones we have in bishop at AM, I would love to have that freedom to animate the face..

    As animator you understand that freedom that we need, and all the common riggers use morphs, what I think is ok, but not for serious work… I think something combining joints and cluster for the mouth would work best…

    I just wrote all of these to give you some ideas for future trainings dvd’s, so that’s a lack of information for C4d rigging in every dvd i’ve seen so far… even on the pixr dvd’s they give us a very slow rig and with bad morphs in the face… (done with A LOT of expresso)

    So, that’s my comment for you. Good luck with AM and keep up the great job at Cineversity.

  2. Josh says:

    Hi Bret,

    A basic Rigging DVD sounds great. As for DVD or download I could go either way. Will you just be teaching mocca rigging or will you be teaching rigging with Cactus Dan’s tools as well?

  3. @Ray-Depending on the Rig, different people did different ones. I did the Stewie RIg, Kai did the Bishop Rig. No it is not available to download. It is only for Animation Mentor Students/Alumni.

    @Josh-No. Just MOCCA. I don’t have Dan’s tools. I’m sure it would all be transferable though. In fact, actually, I might just use the Core Rigging tools and not MOCCA(mainly no Posemixer or Morphs) but we will see.

  4. Josh says:

    Thanks for the reply. I think a basic rigging DVD would be a big hit much like Nigel’s BP DVD.

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