It’s about a quarter til 1AM here. Why am I still up you ask? No, not really to update my website. Tonight has been about getting some things done. First, I got some Dinner. Done. Then I worked a lot on my assignment for Animation Mentor this week. I got a lot, you guessed it, done. I turned in a real piece of shit assignment last week sadly. Kai has been working rather hard, and not sleeping, at Re-Rigging the Bishop Rig for CINEMA 4D(No you can’t have it unless you’re an AM student, and even then, ask me in Class 4,) because we want to be working in CINEMA. We’re both faster in CINEMA. Apparently, from what I hear/see/gather, the Rig is a nightmare in Maya, and they could apparently do with a Range Mapper Node like we have in CINEMA. Maya has it’s plusses though. Anyway, so Kai worked his ass off on it for about 2.5 weeks straight, and basically I waited til the last minute(mainly to see if he could finish it on time) before deciding to work in Maya for the assignment. Unfortunately, for me, this came at about Thursday. Thursdays I usually sleep over at my girlfriend’s apartment because I have Rugby Practice until 10PM and she lives closer to work(plus it’s nice hanging out with her :D ) so I usually cannot work on Thursdays. That left Friday during Work for me to do my assignment because Libby and I were going to go camping at the beach. So, yeah the assignment I turned in was crap, but I’m happy to say we have the Bishop Rig in CINEMA working pretty well, and I’ve reblocked my shot and worked up to where I should be now.

Then, I decided, I’m sick of my Internet situation. I have this crappy Satalite adapter thing, and it goes out on me if I move my legs. So I decided to see if I could get my old Range Expander to work again, and low and behold, IT DOES! STOKED! I don’t even need a second one! So, marveling at the fact that I have true wireless internet again, I thought, well maybe my PS3 could finally hook up to the Playstation Network again…and it DOES! YES! So I’ve been sitting here, waiting for the system update(which just finished) and I was also working on setting up some stuff for a Website for the CLU Rugby Team.

Soon, I will post some pics from our camping trip which was relaxing, fun, and actually great weather for Mid November at the Beach, but for now I’m going to try playing some online games! WHOO HOO!

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