So what’s new. My Dad had shoulder surgery. That seems to have gone well. It sucks for him. He can’t really do anything. It’s really grounded him. That has left a lot of chores to be done at home which I must do. It means I get 10 bucks an hour, but quite frankly, I hate gardening, but then again I need the money so oh well. Which reminds me, I’m looking to maybe get into some Freelance 3D work on the side for some extra income. If any of you reading this have some work, let me know. That would be awesome.

Sorry for the cheap plug. Anyway, why was today a good end to an otherwise dull day? Well, I got my final eCritique for the term. Tomorrow is my last Q&A. I got great feedback from my Mentor, Morgan. I think my last shot was the best, so does Andy, so does Morgan, so it’s very nice to feel lke you are progressing forward. There were very few crits for the shot, really mostly suggestions which is actually pretty sweet because I didn’t have to do much between last week and this week. I got it to a nearly finished piece a week early, yayyy. It’s also rewarding to see people chuckling when they see the shot, it means I’ve probably done my job. When you have your Mentor critiquing a piece of your work, and then he let’s it finish playng and he laughs, even when he’s seen it a few times, that’s a good thing.

I’ve also managed to get my best GPA out of all 3 Classes this class, which is funny because I started out so poorly. This class also had my lowest grade this far(a C), so it’s interesting to see my grades go back up when I made the decision to REALLY focus on AM only and stop doing painting and art for the time being. Anyway, so now I need to go back and tidy up a few things on the AnimJam, particularly in the first 2 shots to make them seemless. Below is the rough cut of my AnimJam for Class 3:

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