It’s been a week. A busy week actually. It’s pretty common for a new Release. There’s been a lot of bitching and bickering about price. Some valid points, but sadly, the discussion deteriorated into a lot of squabbling. However, price aside, the overall opinion about the release has been incredibly positive which I am surprised about. Everyone is pumped about Render Instances and MoDynamics. People are hooked on the .5 aspect of it. Rick told me best, people need to remember that R11 is just a .5 upgrade(from 10.5). R11.5 is just a .5 upgrade. One of the most robust upgrades I’ve seen(since 9.5). So…yeah. Either buy it or don’t.

So, what else is new. It appears there is an official Rugby Club for Ventura County. We are looking to figure out a Mascot and some colors. I’m kind of stoked on it actually. It should be fun. Maybe ill get to play a different position. Ooooooh. Kind of excited for it all. We shall see what happens.

On the downside, I went to the dentist. I hadn’t been in 4 years. I am almost getting gingevitis and that blooooows. It required a “replaning” of my teeth which is essentually just scraping the shit out of your teeth and up into your gums a little bit. It’s like a gnarlier cleaning. To the point where if needed, you can get some novacaine. I didn’t need it thankfully, and it was ok. It’s a pricey produre though. So Epic fail on my part for not taking care of my mouth. I am changing that right now though. Between Kai, Josiah, and Paul’s root canal horror stories, and general lack of funds to even pay for the dental shit, I’m getting them very clean now. I also have 2 cavities, so the grand total for everything will be about 1300 dollars. Thus delaying my ability to move out for a while longer now. Damnit. I hate how tight money is. I don’t like spending so much money. It sucks. I’m working on it.

I also found out I have High Blood Pressure. Damnit all. Oh well, now I have a good reason to lose 20 pounds. I bought some new canvases. Smaller ones to sketch out on them with oils. Looking forward to messing around with them after this Class 3 is over.

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