Here is the final I turned in for my first shot of the AnimJam. I am very pleased with it. It went well, I got it done, I did not feel rushed, kept getting good feedback and making those suggested changes.

Now we are into blocking the next shot. Looking forward to it. It’s coming a long. I think I’m about 60% done with it right now. Tonight I managed get my constraint system working properly thanks to some suggestions by Morgan in the Q&A tonight, and talking to Kai today. I should work on it some more, but I really am not feeling it right now, so I am going to just relax.

On a lighter note, I’m currently dominating air hockey at work. We’ve changed our scoring system to just be a single number(Getting a Win gives you 1 point, a loss -1 point). Currently, I am the only person in the positive. I’m at 15. Andy is second with like -1 or 0 and Kai is back a bit. We have this running gag where if you get skunked you gotta wear panties on the outside of your clothes. Since we think that will probably violate some HR policy, if you get skunked, you get your picture taken, panties photoshopped in and it gets up on the wall…needless to say, concern of getting Pantied is high. My personal goal is to just score 1 point every game. I love air hockey at work.

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  1. clement says:

    Hi Bret ,

    nice animation :) . I try to follow your progression . I’m really jaleous about your AM learning :P !


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