Looky Looky what arrived in the Mail today!

Drawn to Life I & II

Drawn to life Volume 1 and 2. I am stoked. I’m taking them with me to work tomorrow, and I will be reading up on it in my spare time. I have a while to go as each book is over 360 Pages! Oy Vey!

Also, after riding Romero Canyon in Santa Barbara(on my bike) on Saturday(and getting my ass thoroughly kicked by that trail) it made me get up and get back to riding a bit more regularly. So today, I rode my bike after work, from work to CLU and Back which is about 30 miles. I don’t really know how long it took me as I don’t recall what time I left at, but it took me 30 minutes to get back from CLU. It took anywhere from 1 Hour 45 Minutes(doubtful) to 1 Hour 15 Minutes. Cool Cool Cool.

Have a good one everywhere!

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