My sleeping pattern has been very odd lately. I cannot sleep in, and I usually wake up at 6AM-7AM and then every 15 minutes after. last night I had a very very weird dream. Here is what I can remember. Interpretations in Red

Somehow, we were in Los Angeles and lost. I don’t exactly recall who I was with. I think I was with some celebrity though. Anyway, first we were driving around lost. I turned down this road and took a left at a stop sign into a warehouse. When I pulled into the warehouse I saw Edward Barbanell from the movie The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville. (I saw him and Johnny on Fantasy Factory, and I thought He was a very nice funny guy. He was a very positive person, which I always respect and admire).

So, I looked to my Right and saw Edward. He pulled a lever, and it started my car on a rollercoaster in the warehouse. It was totally weird and random, but I have actually had that dream before(Or at least I feel like I have). Anyway, we ended back where we started and left the warehouse backwards.

Something happened and we found ourselves walking in a crappy part of LA. We saw the Stallionares Chance and Real drive by (I had seen the preview fora Real Chance of Love 2 that day I think). Then we walked by this old Caddilac, it was like maroonish/brown. It was some crack head muttering some shit at us and we just kept walking. We walked under this bridge which was a mistake as the Crackhead and a bunch of his friends jumped out to rob us. Somehow Chance and Real were in this shitstorm as well. I was standing on the slanting part of the the bridge like there is If you take Sanjon Road up towards Thompson in Ventura. Under the Bridgeand Train Tracks it’s slanted. I was standing on that, and there was this bald asian crackhead.

This guy was nuts. He was jumping around and shit and he pulled out a blade. He like Screamed something, and if I saw it in person, I would probably laugh my ass off. But he was quick! And he went around and began stabbing EVERYONE in the shoulderblade. But not like deep. He would stab them with like an inch of the blad and yell as he did it. But he stabbed like 8 people.

It was such a weird visual. The dream itself was rather startling but looking back on that part I laugh. It just is a funny visual. I woke up shortly after and then was stuck dreaming about fighting crackheads the rest of the morning before finally getting up for work.

I think I had 1 or 2 other dreams as well but they have been forgotten as most of my dreams are.

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