Last night, before the sun went down, I went out for a bike ride of about 5 miles. Ever since I discovered I could fit my bike in my car I have been riding almost every day. It’s nice to NOT have to ride up the absolutely insane hills around my house everytime I want to ride my bike, and not having to ask my parents to borrow their car to take my bike someplace. So last night I rode around from My street, to Day Road, to Loma Vista, back to Foothill, then one more lap. It was a simple route.

Today, I woke up and decided to go ride my bike to see if I could make it to Urbane Cafe. So I rode down there, got some lunch, then rode home which totalled about 7 miles almost. Then I was working on some stuff but I got bored, and decided to go ride for another 10 miles. It was good, but now I am very tired. Not getting enough sleep last night doesn’t help either.

Anywho, I have continued painting the beach painting of two of my friends’ kids polaying. It’s coming along pretty well. Tyler, the boy on the right needs more work, but here is where I’m at.


I know that stars die in 3′s usually, but a lot of younger people are dying. Bernie Mac, Michael Jackson, and more. But it’s weird. I don’t remember 3 people dying in within 3 days of each other, or even in the same week. That’s so crazy to me. But Rest in Peace Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. All three of you made an impact on many generations, and so thanks for all of that.

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