I find that I am stretching myself too thin these days. Too many things to practice, too many things to learn, not enough to do any of them. See, I love learning. It’s a blessing and a curse. I love learning new things. I mean I have bookshelf filled with bookx covering the gambit of Psychology, Computer Programming, Bioinformatics, Art Instructions, Art History, Animation, Religious Studies, Computer Graphics, Physics and more to give you an idea of the range of things I love to learn about.

The problem that I face is I never am able to really dedicate enough time to really Grasp or excell at any single subject. What happens is I wonder “How do they do this?” or “How does this work?” and I suddenly will dive head first into it. That’s how I got into Programming. Then I thought “I want to build something” so I’ve gotten into studying Woodworking.

Knowledge is power, and I’m getting mighty powerful you’d think. But I’m not mastering anything! I’m a pitiful Jack of All Trades. I used to love that title. I thought it was a good thing! But I now know what a bad thing it is. I need to dedicate time, a LOT of time to mastering some subjects, while neglecting some for the time being. Here is a list of my current interests:


I need to prioritize them and First and Foremost has to be Animation. I’m not paying a shit ton of money to half ass Animation, right? So the top priority has to be Animation, and It was not the last class of Animation Mentor. That HAS to change.

So I think I will just try to focus on Animation and animating. Next, I think I will focus on Drawing. I need to get my drawing skils back up to where they were before. Drawing helps in a lot of areas. It’s great for doodling to pass the time. It’s useful for thumbnails for Animation. And it’s incredibly useful for painting. Really studying drawing will help me understand Value better, understand form and shading all of which will translate better to my paintings. I guess the point here is that better drawing, can help lead to better paintings(at the very least I don’t think it could lead to any worse paintings :P ).

THEN, I want to devote more time painting. To REALLY trying to paint well. This means I MUST HAVE Patience. Patience is a virtue..I must have stepped out to take a piss when they were dishing it out. I do not have patience while I’m painting. I don’t plan or think about the direction I’m going to go. I don’t diligently plan out the colors I want to use. They lack texture and form. This needs to change. So the plan would be to take the time to really work with the paint. Understand it better. I want to devote a lot of time to understanding colors and knowing how to mix them to get the color I want.

(sigh) so much to do, so much to learn, so little time.

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