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Last night, before the sun went down, I went out for a bike ride of about 5 miles. Ever since I discovered I could fit my bike in my car I have been riding almost every day. It’s nice to NOT have to ride up the absolutely insane hills around my house everytime I want to ride my bike, and not having to ask my parents to borrow their car to take my bike someplace. So last night I rode around from My street, to Day Road, to Loma Vista, back to Foothill, then one more lap. It was a simple route.

Today, I woke up and decided to go ride my bike to see if I could make it to Urbane Cafe. So I rode down there, got some lunch, then rode home which totalled about 7 miles almost. Then I was working on some stuff but I got bored, and decided to go ride for another 10 miles. It was good, but now I am very tired. Not getting enough sleep last night doesn’t help either.

Anywho, I have continued painting the beach painting of two of my friends’ kids polaying. It’s coming along pretty well. Tyler, the boy on the right needs more work, but here is where I’m at.


I know that stars die in 3′s usually, but a lot of younger people are dying. Bernie Mac, Michael Jackson, and more. But it’s weird. I don’t remember 3 people dying in within 3 days of each other, or even in the same week. That’s so crazy to me. But Rest in Peace Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. All three of you made an impact on many generations, and so thanks for all of that.

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I find that I am stretching myself too thin these days. Too many things to practice, too many things to learn, not enough to do any of them. See, I love learning. It’s a blessing and a curse. I love learning new things. I mean I have bookshelf filled with bookx covering the gambit of Psychology, Computer Programming, Bioinformatics, Art Instructions, Art History, Animation, Religious Studies, Computer Graphics, Physics and more to give you an idea of the range of things I love to learn about.

The problem that I face is I never am able to really dedicate enough time to really Grasp or excell at any single subject. What happens is I wonder “How do they do this?” or “How does this work?” and I suddenly will dive head first into it. That’s how I got into Programming. Then I thought “I want to build something” so I’ve gotten into studying Woodworking.

Knowledge is power, and I’m getting mighty powerful you’d think. But I’m not mastering anything! I’m a pitiful Jack of All Trades. I used to love that title. I thought it was a good thing! But I now know what a bad thing it is. I need to dedicate time, a LOT of time to mastering some subjects, while neglecting some for the time being. Here is a list of my current interests:


I need to prioritize them and First and Foremost has to be Animation. I’m not paying a shit ton of money to half ass Animation, right? So the top priority has to be Animation, and It was not the last class of Animation Mentor. That HAS to change.

So I think I will just try to focus on Animation and animating. Next, I think I will focus on Drawing. I need to get my drawing skils back up to where they were before. Drawing helps in a lot of areas. It’s great for doodling to pass the time. It’s useful for thumbnails for Animation. And it’s incredibly useful for painting. Really studying drawing will help me understand Value better, understand form and shading all of which will translate better to my paintings. I guess the point here is that better drawing, can help lead to better paintings(at the very least I don’t think it could lead to any worse paintings :P ).

THEN, I want to devote more time painting. To REALLY trying to paint well. This means I MUST HAVE Patience. Patience is a virtue..I must have stepped out to take a piss when they were dishing it out. I do not have patience while I’m painting. I don’t plan or think about the direction I’m going to go. I don’t diligently plan out the colors I want to use. They lack texture and form. This needs to change. So the plan would be to take the time to really work with the paint. Understand it better. I want to devote a lot of time to understanding colors and knowing how to mix them to get the color I want.

(sigh) so much to do, so much to learn, so little time.

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Been in a bit of a funk lately, but I think it was for the best. It’s how you learn to grow and such. Thank the Lord for things like Rugby and Painting that just put you in the moment and forget about the rest. Sometimes its good to completely engulfed in something you know? It changes perspectives.

I had stumbled upon this website for Richard Robinson who’s a professional artist in New Zealand. He has some painting lessons and I saw he was having this sale that had all 3 of his lessons(2 hours worth of footage), his book, some other high speed demos, and all for like 45 dollars, so I bought it, it’s very inspiring. He uses a Wet on Wet technique that quite frankly, I cannot stand haha. But I’ve given it a go with some slightly moderate success. Here’s what I came up with.


This painting doesn’t really do it any justice. It actually…looks pretty good….for now. I started this post on Tuesday. It’s now friday. I may try to paint the sand right now.

I read this on Andrew W.K.’s Twitter today, I though it was good so I thought I’d share it here “TODAY IS FRIDAY! Time to think of three people you love, three songs you love, and three meals you love – meditate on those and then PARTY!”

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Sorry for lack of updates here. Truth is, I don’t live a particularly exciting life that warrants many updates here :) . Anyway, let’s see whats up. I recently bought The Wolf by Andrew W.K. It’s pretty good. It’s nice to complete the collection(albeit out of order). I think my favorite song on the Album is I Love Music.

Work has been pretty busy. I had a review which went well. Nice to hear they think I’m doing a good job. It has been pretty slow which is actually very good for us as we have a lot of projects that need to be finished up very soon which has lead to me doing a lot of Modeling. Whatever makes me a more well rounded individual I suppose, right?

I’ve been doing some bike riding which is nice. Actually, this week is the first week I have yet to go riding which is a damn shame. Perhaps I will tomorrow after church. I’ve mostly been riding in Carpinteria at a place called Thunderbowl I believe. It’s been fun. The last time was a lot of fun because we found a nice little run that lets me go down some hills and get some air which is fun(until I eat shit I’m sure).

Last weekend I picked up an interesting book at Michael’s Art store. I don’t know why I go there as It usually never has any painting things I want. But I was perusing the book section which allowed me to stumble upon “Keys to drawing with Imagination” by Bert Dodson. I have read his other book “Keys to Drawing” back in High School. This book is a very cool book. It has a lot of interesting ideas to making things more interesting. The very beginning of this book is pretty kickass. It lead me to create this:


It’s lead to a lot of nifty doodles with these patterns that I will probably try to incorporate into some paintings in the near future I think. Speaking of Paintings, I have been slowly chugging away at the painting of Kelly. Adding a Door, some Moulding on the Walls(which will probably get redone, and the foundation for some carpet. The carpet will be intereting and probably pretty difficult to get done. Not sure yet how I’m going to do it. But here’s where I’m at with it.


Tomorrow is the due date for my final AM assignment for Class 2. I’m not sure how satisfied I am with it. To be quite honest, I picked a dull idea and tried to make it look good. All that comes to mind is the old saying “You can’t polish a turd”. I think it’s ok, but I’m not into it at all because it just seems so…boring. Next week I’ll try to post the whole class’ assignments as I’m supposed to do that next week.

I saw Up in 3D today. You know what? It was pretty damn good. Very touching and sad at some parts, the gags were good. The 3D was BITCHIN. I haven’t been to a 3D Movie before(not to my recollection) and I thought that Pixar did a good job of not overdoing the 3D effects which yeah can be cool, but like…a lot of movies are made to be 3D, so they do stupid gimmicky things you know? Up was subtle and doing it that way I think it actually enhanced the look of the movie. So good job.

That’s about all I can think of. It’s past midnight and I feels like it was just 8PM. The night is gone. Crap. Oh well. Just gotta try to seize tomorrow.

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Title of this post goes to the song I’m listening to at the moment which is KISS’ Love Gun. I remember I heard this song at the very end of the VH1 Rock Honors when KISS was honored. I never knew the name of the song. I researched and eventually and I found it, which is good cause I think it’s a cool song.

Anyway, onto more interesting things. So, last Friday I decided to leave Sprint Finally for Verizon. Sprint…they dicked me over too many times and I had had enough. Allow me to sing you my tale…

The year was 2000 and 4, and I was a Senior in High School, 30 pounds lighter, and just getting involved with a pretty lady. She had a cell phone that had Sprint. Prior to that, I had thought Cell Phones were part of the societal problems in America. Too many little bastards looking at their phones and not paying attention. Well, I became a hypocrite, and bought a phone(but My theory was right as my cell phone is now my drug of choice). Anyway, my lady had Sprint, and so I bought Sprint. I think I had something like…200 Minutes, Nights and Weekends, then Unlimited Texting for 5 dollars, Unlimited Internet for 5-10 dollars, PCS to PCS for 5 dollars and maybe something else, I don’t remember, but it was a 2 year contract. All was well.

Well, in 2005, My phone died. Somehow it got wet, and I had to get it replaced. Fine and dandy as I had insurance. Now, you think they would simply replace my phone right? I mean they gave me THE EXACT same model of phone. So after I got it, I got a bill, and noticed I was paying a lot more…I got charged a lot because I had apparently gone over my 100 Text limit….but I had unlimited texting…

Turns out those bastards changed my contract WITHOUT notifying me. I called them up and got some rep who was reading from a script. I told her, “You guys changed my plan, I would like what I had, specifically I want my unlimited Texting for 5 dollars”. (Instead they had me on 100 text and Picture Mail…even though they knew I didn’t have a picture phone). She responded “We’ve never had unlimited texting for 5 dollars, sir.” So I pulled out a Bill from 4 months earlier when all was well and sure enough it said “Unlimited txt 5.00″. So I called her on it. “So you’re telling me, this bill I’m looking at for November of last year, Where it says Unlimited txt 5.00, you’re telling me this never existed?” “I’m sorry sir, but we’ve never had unlimited texting for 5 dollars.”

So I was fed up. Eventually, I got the unlimited Texting for 15 dollars, blah blah blah. All was ok it seemed. So that’ was 2005. Then I added texting maybe 1-2 months later in 05. My original plan was scheduled to end in 2006 mind you.

So Summer of 2007, I’m going to Europe for 6 weeks, and since I can’t use it in Europe, I don’t want to have to pay. Well I was told I could put it in Standby Mode which would just be like 10 dollars and then I turn it back on when I’m back. So I call in about it and they tell me, if I were to do that, I’d have to sign up for ANOTHER contract because the plan I had, is no longer available! So I asked them when my plan was set to expire? Didn’t it end in 2006 and I’ve just been going on since then? Nope! Oh that contract we signed you up on for 2 years when you replaced your phone, It ADDED 2 years to your previous contract and set it to end in 2008….Oh and remember how you added texting? Well that added another year. So they told me my plan would be up in June of 2009!

I was fucking furious with them, but fuck them, I was going to England. I will do my time and leave them. So Flash forward to I believe it was April 2008. I’m a senior in College now, graduating in about 2 weeks. I’m in the Vons on Moorpark road when I get a call. I pick up the call and it’s a very bad salesperson from Sprint. Bad because they were reading from a script and kept stopping and losing their place. Anywho, they told me that because I was such a loyal longtime customer, I was elligible for a free phone upgrade!(After only 4 years, wow!) So I sit and listen to the Schpeil for a bit before cutting to the chase. “Will accepting this phone increase my contract lenght?” “Well, yes, this phone does come with a blah blah blah contract”. I told them “Well, no thanks. I don’t want to increase my contract length, I’m planning on leaving when it’s over.” He kept trying over and over and I kept repeating no thanks, if it’s going to increase my contract.

Well the guy said he would talk to his manager, put me on hold and told me he could give me the phone with no contract extension. I made him reiterate that my contract would end in June of 2009. Nothing would change there, right? Right he said. So I took the phone, I activated it, I asked the person when I activated when my expiration date was. She told me I was still set for June 2009. When I added picture mail 3 months later, I asked again. I was told the same. June 2009.

So Flash forward to 2 weeks ago, May 2009. I signed online to check my account. I set it all up and I go and find it and it said “May 2010″. WHAT THE FUCK!? Was my reaction. I immediately called up Customer service and began to talk with them. “You received a new phone in May of 2008 and that came with a 2 year extension.”(NOTE the contract was NOT for 2 years when the guy first told me about the phone). I bitched him out and told him, No, I did not accept it. I was told by THREE different employees that my contract ended in June 2009. I told the guy who sold me the phone, the person who activated it, and one more months later. Why is it now suddenly 2010?! I was transferred to a manager, and she gave me a similar message and I was just letting her have it(NOTE But I always apologize to them, because I know these people personally arn’t doing this to me but their company frustrates me to no end. Being technical support myself, I hate when people put the blame on ME when I didn’t make the program crash. So I was very upset but I tried to still make it clear I’m not upset with the woman, but the company) that the company had dont this to me…3 times, extending my contract 4 years longer than ever anticipated without so much as informing me about doing so any of the times.

I talked with the manager and told her I was planning on getting out of the contract and that for the last year, according to Sprint employees, I was set to get out next month. She was quite helpful and changed it back to be June 2009(June 7th to be exact). Happy to know the end was near, on Friday the 29th, I went to the Verizon store by work and bought a plan, and a new phone. I am happy to be leaving. In fact, I’ve put in the port switch to keep my number so possibly tomorrow I will be officially done with Sprint.

I bought a Voyager and am enjoying it very much, although the battery life is a little low for my liking, oh well.

…So after all of that rant. Here is my Class 2, Week 9 Assignment in it’s linear pass. Lots of work to be done. It’s a guy running, falling, and  getting up and running away. The syllabus mentions texture in the animation. So I tried to vary it up with a slow lofty sort of run, he gets scared and falls, then runs away quicker. Trying to break it up you know?

Much more to do but here it is…

Tomorrow is 80′s night at Yamato Sushi. I’ll be there, but probably in 80′s attire haha. Have a good one and it felt good to get this off my chest.

PS-Ack! I haven’t painted in several days now. I need to get crackin!

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