It’s Mothers Day, so I thought I’d take the time to wish all you mothers a Happy Mothers Day, specifically to My Mother, and for all you new moms out there congrats on being eligible for a new holiday! :)

Here’s an update on where I’m at with my 2nd Class 2 Assignment for Animation Mentor.

It’s a drunken Stumble. I’m thinking at the end there, he will be puking. We shall see. Anyway, yeah that’s that. I had a good weekend with friends on Saturday, and time with my family on Sunday which is good.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I seriously love Andrew W.K. His Album Close Calls with Brick Walls is so wild and amazing in it’s diversity. This week, I aim to work out, work on homework, paint, and hang out with some people if I can, and maybe look into buying a new bike since I broke my old one.

Anywho, once again, Happy Mothers day to all of you.

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